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  1. Now that's a fine lookin' bike !! They released quite a few new bikes this year. See my post in the quad section, many pics !! It's that time of year my friends :-)
  2. Enjoy !!! That 650 looks pretty cool
  3. Kawasaki

    Ah, but you speak to fast my friend, this just came over the wire !!!!
  4. The chick is kinda hot (to me at least) about 2:40 into the 1st video.
  6. On an MC forum, they have some other pretty cool ones too. I mean what else would you do if you lived in AK.
  7. I thought the music was pretty cool. Here's some snow mobile footage.
  8. Here's some pics when it was at the dealership, in the truck, after first ride, and with it's stalemate.
  9. The stroke looks really short. I can't wait to see the specs..
  10. It's amazing how that thing revs like a 2 stroke. Now that's throttle response !!
  11. Kawasaki

    My Dad has a 1999 Prarie 300. Nothing fancy, but a great quad for the farm and a great quad for the money.
  12. Cool !!! I'm a Kawasaki man myself, but always good to see competition !! That bike looks great IMO !!!
  13. Cool !!! I'm a Kawasaki man myself, but always good to see competition !! That nike looks great IMO !!!
  14. Amen Mine was great too, 2nd kick right from the crate. Also I found it's better to kick slower but all the way down instead of really fast.
  15. Kawasaki

    My KX450F has been great, I've heard there will be a 450 quad but haven't seen anything. Any word ?