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  1. im in the same boat. 2015 ktm 200 xcw. so far I've put a power core II emperor skid plate. Carbon fiber pipe guard. im thinking, rad braces, cycra metal hand guards. disk guards
  2. I never though about the 350 This way I could get the W version still have my green sticker but still have the power I'm wanting? Not that I need gobs of racing power or nothing like that but I do ride hard and want to continue racing for fun. I'm 5'9 160 lbs so i've always wanted the 200 2 stroke. I'ts based on a 125 platform so for my size I feel like I could ride that so much harder than a 250 or 350. But then i'm giving up my green sticker!!! Man tough choices!!!!
  3. every dealer I've spoke with is that the xcf is red sticker and the xcf w is green. im worried that the W won't be enough bike to race and ride as hard as I want too. I feel like I'm going to have to sacrifice something Im just not sure
  4. So about 5 monthes ago I purchased a 2000 ktm 300 mxc with lot's of extra's. I was wow'd by all the bling. It's turning out that it needs a ton of little things. I've already sank so much money time and effort into this bike. Just out for an epic ride yesterday with some buddies made it 30 min bike broke down again. I'm kinda just over it!!! I'm looking for a new bike. I love the 2 stroke type power and have wanted a 200 for ever. However i'm in CA and it's red sticker. All my buddies have green stickers. I've messed with the jetting on my 300 to a ridiculous amount and am now thinking about doing a 250 4 stroke for ease of maintenance . I realize the 4 strokes are actually more expensive in the long run for rebuilds and such but I'm just lost and just want to ride. Are both the XCF and XCF W green stickered? I had this grand idea of going the 200 like I originally wanted keep my 300 and use it as my green sticker bike for those few months. But then I'm right back to where I was and wondering if thing is gonna brake down on me. Any thoughts about all three bikes would be greatly appreciated. I mainly ride woods/hare scramble type stuff an occasionally track.
  5. im running 50:1 maxima. main jet is 162 PJ is 37 needle clip position is 2 from the top. I lug in tight stuff but still get on the pipe frequently. ridding in about 1500-3500 elevation. brand new plug in 30 min of ridding it then wouldn't start. took plug out last night. did t look that bad no carbon build up a little oil but not much. my buddy has a 06, 300 and he swears up and down with a 160 main 37 pj needle second from the top. those are almost my settings now. will dropping from a 162 to a 160 make that much diff?? never played with my air screw not sure where to start
  6. Getting back into ridding after sometimes. Picked up a 2000 KTM 300 MXC. Slowly going through the bike making it mine. Have never tuned a carb before. First off I had the carb professionally rebuilt. I started noticing the bike smoking a lot and some splooge coming out of the silencer. With closer inspection I actually have splooge coming out from silencer, mid connection point with head pipe and motor at head pipe. I've been running 40:1 Maxima Ive dropped down to a 162 main jet 37 pilot jet and clip is 2nd from the top. This latest ride I was around 1500ft-3500ft and temp was about 75-80 degress. The night before the ride I put a new plug in. Got to the trail head bike started first kick ran crisp 30 minutes later shut it off and wouldn't start I had to bump start it the rest of the day. This is like the 3rd plug Ive fouled in a month, all my buddies are on 4 strokes and are having no problems what so ever there constantly waiting around for me. Any suggestions. How often are you all chaning jetting. Is it just part of having a 2 stroke and constantly changing jetting depening on altitude and tempeture???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!! next big ride is in 2 weeks!!!
  7. Long story wife is selling husbands bike that moved away she knows nothing about it. It looks really clean I've ridden it has a strong motor from what I can feel up and down the road. Starts first kick cold idles great after warmed up. On the pink slip it just says 2000 ktm 300. If i'm understanding the forums right there's an EXC and an MXC is there a way to figure out which it is?
  8. With either bike I will be adding a fly wheel weight, bigger take gearing it down a bit. Wasn't sure if one was better/easier to modify. I don't see too many honda 2 strokes at the hare scramble events and enduro's. Wasn't sure if there was a reason for that.
  9. looking for a 250 2 stroke to do woods ridding and some light moto. any prefrences out of these two bikes????
  10. I grew up racing two strokes, my last real bike was a yz426f but that was sold for school. Currently ridding a 93 DR 650 plated to work and back light trails. I need a real dirt bike again. My goals are to be able to ride some tight single track fire roads with close buddies, (novice riders) ride with the local club, hit some mx tracks just for fun nothing crazy. I was looking at the KTM 200,250 2t, but my really close group of ridding buddies all have green sticker 4t's. I helped my buddy buy a WR 250 last week and test rode it only up and down the street it felt great! really light (Anything compared to a DR 650) will feel light LOL. I want the most updated technology that I can get with 3-3500$. My musts are a 250 Im 5'9 165lbs so I want something flickable must be a green sticker. There are a ton of 250x's and WR 250's on craigslist. Is that going to be enough power? I do want to race some hare scrambles as well. Ive heard that the KTM exc 4T are more race oriented than the honda and yami. Thoughts suggestions would be appreciated
  11. My options are a brand new 2013 250XC great deal on it right now, or on Craigslist there are a couple 2007 200's that look in good shape (pictures obviously) but they are only asking 2700 and 2900 for those. Kinda just going back and forth. The 250 is at the local shop. The craigslist bikes are about a 5 hour drive. I'm torn I originally have wanted the 200 for the size 125 platform etc. But the deal on the 250 is a good one. What to do????
  12. this will be the first ktm I've owned I'm going back and forth between the 200and the 250. I've heard great things about both bikes. I'm 5'9 155lbs have ridden my whole life. I like the idea on the 200 because if I'm not mistaken it's on a 125 frame. since I'm a smaller guy I think I could ride this harder and it would just suite by style better. however I've heard the 250 has a little more low end grunt and can lug a little better. I know I will be happy with either bike. I am mainly looking for a do it all bike but mostly single track hare scramble type ridding with some occasional mx. any thoughts or opinions??
  13. I feel really stupid but I installed new grips used grip glue and now the throttle sticks, to where I have to manually roll it off. I've check and the Ring (thumb side) is not glued to the bar or assembly so it's not sticking there. ONly thing I can think of is I compressed the throttle tube maybe if that's even possible. They were a bitch to get on. By the way they are just stock 7/8's inch bars. I realize I'm going to have to cut them off and buy another set, But not knowing what I did wrong is really pissing me off and I don't want to do it again LOL. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Just picked up really clean DR 650 street legal. Looking into options for it such as plastic tank, jet kit but specifically exhaust what options are there. I called FMFthey start for that bike in 1996. I've asked if the bolt pattern in the same and I'm told no it's not. I've also heard that doing the air box mod is beneficial. Can't find a detailed thread on how to do it though. Any and all tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey everyone, just picked up my 93 DR 650, I've been cruising around the site looking for detailed instructions on how to do the airbox modification. Does anyone have any pointers?
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