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  1. GS455stage1

    Lets see your vintage ride

    heres another one....this is in the works here..its really all done now. it resides in Va, currently..... RE-MX ...thanks
  2. GS455stage1

    Lets see your vintage ride

    This is a 1974 XR75 That i just finished....... Thanks dan at re-mx!
  3. GS455stage1

    Crf230 to TTR250?

    Having owned and raced 2 strokes my whole life..... On a whim I bought a 2002 TTR250, I ride with a bunch of KTM enduro & hare scramble riders, a few CRF230 And CRFX's..... I love the TTR250......in the woods that bike is tops, everytime. I ride hard...got tired of buying radiators, and waterpumps. I'd be hard pressed to get rid of this bike, its bulletproof for sure and with a few upgrades and motor work (BB kit & webcams) I can see this being a very good HS bike. I'm 46 and having gone from a 2002 CR250 smoker to TTR250...... I'm faster in the woods.....getting on the pipe around rocks and trees is not fun. I bought this TTR on what i saved in radiators this year
  4. GS455stage1

    2003 WR450 Carb probs.....STILL

    I have my neighbors bike.......it sat full of old gas forever. Heres whats happened so far......tried to start....nothing drained float bowl of old smelly gas. Bowl would nor refill. Said screw it for the night...next morning , it starts right up. Hmmmmm.......ride it around the block once....gas pouring out of overflow. Take off carb...clean every orfice and surface...blew out with compressed air. Reassembled....Voila' it runs great...no leaks. We go riding......halfway through ride it starts pouring out gas again. Gas petcock does not even turn off fuel........POS That was 2 weeks ago......ordered new needle, installed 10 mins ago Its friggin leaking again.....what gives? I'm at a loss....how do you measure the float drop and height on these carbs? its like the float is all recessed up into carb body. This WR sure makes me appreciate my TTR250...... HELP!!!!!!!
  5. Hello all...I'm very baffled at the moment on this one. This bike sat for an unknown length of time with gas left in it, tried to start it....no luck. Drained carb bowl, and tank. Put fresh gas in tank, and bowl would not fill back up. It sat overnite, thought i'd try again in morning. It started right up , ran a little rough but then gas started coming out overflow. took carb off super cleaned it, reassembled made sure needle was shutting off fuel. ran great ....... took it out today ....it ran super....idle kept raising a couple times.... went 8 miles or so and it strted leaking gas again out overflow tube, if you plug that with finger, after 30 secs or so gas comes out the vent tubes. still ran great the whole time.........is the needle tip bad? could the bowl overflow tube have a crack? on the bottom of the carb is a brass screw with a t handle end...is that the mixture screw? how many turns out? i never changed the float level or drop. I can ride it bud jeez a full tank lasts a half hour...... Help please........