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  1. I second the ideas that have been stated previously. I recently bought a 04 200 and it is awesome. Plenty of power. Plenty of torque. Something is not right with your machine.
  2. Well, the spring says wp 80-250. I guess that is an 8.0. Where is the best place to get a heavier spring? It seemed to handle great, but I just came off a crf230, lol. I had some other jap 2strokes when I was a teenager. Ktm is in a league of it's own. Glad to be a member of the club
  3. Well, I just went and bought a 2004 200exc, from ktmworld. I live fairly close to there. It is all stock, except a 12oz flywheel weight, and some 42 (or was it 44?....will find out tommorrow) fork springs and 8.0 rear spring (they installed the springs when they knew I wanted to buy it) for my 205lb 6'-1" no gear self. It has the original piston (they claimed the cylinder/piston looked great) but installed new rings. Also new fork seals and countershaft seal. Tires look new, and chain and sprockets look almost new as well. I don't know how many hours are on the bike, but I would say not a whole lot. I gave just shy of 2300 for the bike. Im not sure if it was a rental bike or a trade in (which it was represented as a trade in), but either way it is great. The bike is awesome. It has excelllent power, but can lug as well as any 4 stroke (flywheel weight I suppose). Suspension is great. I was jumping it pretty good and riding some nasty muddy and rutted trails, and was extremely impressed with the handling and suspension of this bike. The brembo brakes work extremely well too. I am very happy I tried out the orange bikes (my first ktm), and so far I see no reason to ride anything else. I feel I made the best choice for an offroad bike. I love the new ride
  4. Im in the same boat as you. I am selling my 230, and wanting to get back on a 2t. I have been considering an 03 250sx, 02 200mxc, 03 200mxc, 04 200 exc. All are well priced. From what I have read the 200 seems like the bike to have, and I am 6' 1" and 205. I hear it is a great all around bike, but rips too. I couldnt see anyone outgrowing a 200 2 stroke
  5. I am now looking at a 03 200mxc. 2100.00 sound like a good price? The bike seems well taken care of, and has some upgrades-exhaust, steering dampener. Does this sound reasonable? It is more than I want to spend, but I like the bike, and I think the 200 would suite me better (though I am 200 lbs) than the raped ape 250sx, lol.
  6. Turns out the bike was an 02, not an 03 (advertised as an 03). tweaked handlebars, looped damaged rear fender, empty forks, motor looked like it had new seals throughout...not just the top end. (he said it was like that when he bought it a year ago). Had a gold series pipe and exhaust..which was dented up pretty good. Bike was dirty. Got the impression it was not taken good care of, although it fired right up and sounded awesome. Motor might be fine, but over all looks abused. I think I will wait for another deal to come my way
  7. Thanks alot. I appreciate the feedback. I need to get up to speed about how to change fork seals myself, ecspecially if this is a frequent problem. I do ride in muddy conditions, more so in the winter time (here in GA). Is their another brand of fork seals that are as good as synergy for the mud? thanks
  8. I am probably going to buy an 03 250 today. He says he raced it. Says 2 races on recent top end. New chain and sprockets, with bigger rear and smaller front??? (I thought these bikes were blazing fast already?) Silver excel rims. I have not seen the bike yet, but will this evening. He also says the fork seals are leaking. (wonder if they are just dirty?) What do you'all think? Also, how is the maintenence on thes bikes (ktm's generally) compared to a jap? I was looking at a 98 and a 2000 kx250, but I have always wanted an orange machine but never would consider it because they are always out of my price range. This one is not
  9. thanks for the feedback You must be the only one on here with an 01...
  10. I live in bremen, not to far from you. I mainly ride with my sons at highland park or the power lines near the house. Send me a pm, we could ride sometime. Btw, that is cool of your hunting property owners to let you ride outside of deer season. Wish I had that kind of hookup. People that live close to the power lines are quick to call the police around here. For that reason I seldom go, ecspecially with my sons. I havent heard of the place near lafayette, will have to check it out. I will look at the cylinder when I go to look at it this week. What is the number for the 99 cylinder just in case (if 98 and 99 are the same)?
  11. I appreciate the comments. I think am going to go ahead and get it. Btw, what does the 1851 on the cylinder mean? Does other year model cylinders fit the motor? If so, why is that not good? Im just curious, but I will be looking for the appropriate stamped number. thanks
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  14. Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a 98 kx250 for 1300.00. It has a new cylinder, wiseco piston/rings, and very little hours on the life of the bike. (looks new) I am only concerned that it is an 11 year old bike, and dont want to be replacing parts after every ride (due to mechanical failure, not rider error, lol) What all should I look for when overlooking the bike? Also, is the price a fair one? How has the bike held up for others that have this year? All feedback is appreciated.
  15. Im looking at buying an 01 for 1450. Looks to be well taken care of. What are some of the engineered "flaws" of the bike? I have read that the water pump is conventional (not in the cases) unlike previous years:thumbsup: . I have heard the clutch is on or off- no in between, and I have read something about the third gear in the tranny is not as hard as it was supposed to be:excuseme: Am I correct about these issues? What else is there and what should I look for when I see the bike? I am looking to get back on a 2t, and have looked at the blue, red and green as well, in the same generation years as the rm. I really just want a bike that is very reliable and cheap/easy to fix when it does break.