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  1. yaugh1

    what is the average age of the wr owner

    28- been riding for three years and wish i'd gotten into it younger. i guess i'll just have to ride til i'm 80
  2. yaugh1

    Starting Problem

    yeah I already did that. I took every jet out and completely cleaned every hole i possibly could. They were really clean to begin with! It still wouldn't fire after I put it back together i cant think of anything else- so i told my bro to bring it to the dealer- i hate to see him blow a wad of cash for them to fix it but i've asked everyone i know and no one has come up with anything
  3. yaugh1

    Starting Problem

    Alright- I cleaned both carbs- completeley took them apart and cleaned every nook and cranny. Both were clean without any grim, dirt or any kind of build up. All the jets were secure, floats worked fine, nothing seemed out of place. It still wouldn't fire. Once the strating fluid was burned up it died. Any other suggestions?????
  4. sweet pics- i like the one looking out off the mountain
  5. MIne is an '04 (diiferent all around to yours) and when I was looking for graphics the front fender and swingarm were the same as the YZ. The shrouds and lower fork guards were different. I believe the only difference in the fork guards is the right side where the odometer cable is attached- other than I think thy're the same. One way to check is to go to yamaha.com and search the parts catalog and compare part numbers to diffreent bikes. Worked for me. I would bet that many of the '06 YZ parts would fit yours.
  6. Awesome we don't have sick mountains like that in Mass. Must be some sick riding!!
  7. yaugh1

    indoor riding tack

  8. yaugh1

    Starting Problem

    Thanks Mud Rooster. Ride on
  9. yaugh1

    Starting Problem

    Yeah- pretty sure it is EFi. Getting a good spark. Will run with starting fluid sprayed into air intake but then dies. My bike doesn't have fuel injection so i don't know that much about it. Is there a fuel pump with EFI and if so are these parts easy to replace??
  10. yaugh1

    Yamaha Starting Problem

    My brother has a raptor 660, '03 or '04 and it won't start. It's turning over, but won't fire. I disconnected the fuel line from the carb and it flows great- no problems there. I then tried to drain the carbs from the bottom. Next to nothing came out- less than an ounce out of each one. I don't think this is normal- because on my WR 450 i get almost half a soda can full when i do. Do the carbs just need to be cleaned or is it something else? I never worked on his machine before and the carbs look like a pain in the a$$ to get to. Don't know if it'll be easier to tell him to send it to the dealer or not. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. yaugh1

    Problem?!?!?!? Need help

    Thanks guys- Is it likely that overheating damaged something else like warping metal or frying something up??
  12. Was out riding last month in some serious heat and boiled the coolant in some slower single track stuff. Shut the bike off right away and let it cool down. Rode it multiple times since then without problem but the other day I noticed that while idling when I put it in neutral and let off the clutch a humming somewhat grinding noise appears. And it only appears when i let up off the clutch not while i got the lever pulled- almost like its engaging but not moving???? This is definately new. It never made this kind of noise before. Does this have something to do with the overheating incident or is my clutch staring to go? Its an '04 wr450 and has only been ridden half of last year and only some of this year. I don't really abuse the clutch either.
  13. yaugh1

    From Red to Blue

    I don't think i could wait to ride mine!!! Take out the baffle, cut down the throttle stop screw and rip that sh!t
  14. yaugh1

    Going to try a 2003 YZ Exhaust...

    Tried the same deal- put an '04 yz exhaust on my wr- kept the stock header pipe because i think ther're the same anyway. MUCH better especially in the low end. Lots more torque in the low end. I did notice an improvement in the mid and high range but nothing really significant. Bought mine on ebay too, definately worth it. About the same noise level as the stock exhaust without the baffle in. haven't rejetted it yet cause i just changed it out a couple of days ago and haven;t had the time- i couldn't stop riding long enough to do it no problem with the throttle response or anything like that but i bought the jd jet kit and going to throw it in. change it up you'll be glad you did
  15. yaugh1

    WR Plastic Question?????

    yeah you can- mine is an 04' wr 450. I used an '04 yz 450 rear fender- worked liek a charm. all i had to do was cut some holes in the new fender to make room for the radiators hoses and such.