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  1. tl450

    Trouble with new 450

    Well, I'm still waiting for an anwser from the honda shop. They drained the oil and found no metal in it. They think it is the kickstart gear/bushing. I don't know what is next. I hope to hear something today. I will let you know what they say...
  2. tl450

    Trouble with new 450

    I called the honda shop that i bought it from and the service manager said the kick start gear will sometimes make a wierd noise but mine is much lower in the engine than that.
  3. tl450

    Trouble with new 450

    I have a squealing noise coming from the lower part of the engine when cold. It goes away after about 30 seconds. I have only road the bike once for about 2 hours. I have checked all fluids and everything seems ok. Can anybody help? It sounds kinda like a belt slipping on a car would sound...