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  1. arbrlvr

    room for toyhauler at chappie?

    does anyone know if the sites at chappie camping area are large enough for my 28 foot toyhauler. I've got the dam permit allready. Thanx in advance.
  2. two of us heading to p.p. this thursday 22. Just some fun trails and exploring around. Neither one of us is too fast but not slow either. I'm leaving Santa Rosa area at 8:30am.(gotta take the kids to school)We should get there about 10:30-11.All welcome.
  3. arbrlvr

    Lookin to ride Deer Creek Sat. or Sun......

    I've been wanting to check out that area too. But this weekend I'm home with my kids while wife is with the girls. I'd love to check it out during the week but I know most don't have that kind of schedule.
  4. arbrlvr

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    43 and love my new te250.
  5. arbrlvr

    Wednesday 03/14 Where to ride?

    where is gt? aka what does gt stand for? Thanks.
  6. arbrlvr

    ? on Friends of jawbone map

    Yeah whats up with that???
  7. arbrlvr

    06-07 TE owners... Are you happy?

    I'm unhappy!!!!!! I just haven't been able to ride it enuf. To much work and stuff.I love my te250:ride:
  8. arbrlvr

    ? on Friends of jawbone map

    I rode into the Ricardo campground from dove springs and found posted signs stating green stickers o.k. but all operators need to have a drivers lic. I only saw this on the trails. Maybe a call to the visitors center a red rock would be in order. I would love to take my fam on these trails also. Actually I just found in print from the friends of Jawbone map: all drivers to be at least 16 and have a valid d.L.
  9. arbrlvr

    ? on Friends of jawbone map

    are you sure about this. I was just there and was thinking of bringing my fam and kids back for that very ride but I thought all needed a valid drivers lic. on red rock state park land, even the trails with green stickered bikes. I hope I'm wrong but it seemed pretty straightforward.
  10. arbrlvr

    I'm in Love!!

    its been raining around here. I'm gonna jump on her while shes still all wet.
  11. arbrlvr

    RIP-"The Gitch" aka Rich Horstmeyer

    with a tear in my eye I just posted on paypal. take care.
  12. arbrlvr

    Brakes too touchy anyone?

    makes sense to me!!
  13. arbrlvr

    I'm in Love!!

    I'm in love too. Still breaking in my te250 I think she's the twin sister of yours....Shes Hot to handle and very easy even on the second date(ride) :applause:
  14. arbrlvr

    Do I really need to use 10w60 oil????

    Italian brands advising the use of Italian products (in this case oil).....Go figure! not really a shocker there.