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  1. sounds bad...this would be easier to figure out wut is wrong if i had the bike in front of me...take it to your local kawasaki dealer.
  2. its nothing complicated...the tokyo ignition will just plug in...if u want a little more out of the ignition kit..u should maybe get a #85 jet...like i said nothing is complicated someone at the track u kno can help u change the jet....chain and sprocket just bolt on...but u dont need them..unless the bike is farely used...
  3. tokyo igniton for the klx110 can be used with a stock bike...it sets the rev-limiter higher and more torque.....that and a 39 tooth sprocket and Renthal chain is a good combination
  4. depends on what kind of rider your are...if u get the 110 first thing to buy is suspension mods...and then pipe and jet...im 5"7 150lbs and i have about $700 in my klx 110 and it has completely stock suspension...on jumps and whoops it bottoms out pretty bad....if your looking for a ride that you can jump and be comfortable on then buy i bigger bike such as another crf150 or ttr125..and then maybe a procircuit type 496...header and silencer
  5. Guess what..i pitbike race and i have a 2005 klx110...but it has completly stock suspension yea so i been thinkin bout gettin either a ext swingarm and shock and some kx60 forks but im only 15 were am i gonna get that kinda money...b-days...anyway i need some help with lookin for some shocks that can i can use with a stock swingarm and other klx mods..thanks for helpin me out.....
  6. u asked the right dude...im all about klx mods..heres a couple http://www.faster-minis.com/minibike_parts_klx110.html http://www.twobros.com/Perf_Products/KLX110_Perf/KLX110_DR-Z110.htm http://www.hondaminitrail.com/KLXDRZ.htm http://www.minibikeoutlet.com/parts/KLX110 the hondaminibike one is a pretty good site so is the faster-minis one