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  1. i love how its parked next to a trailer... priceless
  2. by an 05-07 truck, chevy or dodge, or ford but get an egr blocker. You will be happy. If i change the oil myself in my duramax it costs me $35. You will love the way it pulls, but hate the higher cost. But if you get the truck to where its gonna last(rust,maitenance) as long as the engine, it really pays off IMO.
  3. nate_powell

    Financing Question

    chances are you wont get approved. Especially if you have no credit, end of story.
  4. nate_powell

    Question for the haulers.

    Actually, I will not be an apprentice next year. I am an apprentice this summer, next summer I will be hired in as a B 4 Lineman. So yes, I will be a Lineman next year.
  5. nate_powell

    Question for the haulers.

    Thanks guys, I actually got it when I just turned 18. and yes i was the youngest. Im now 19. I know if you are driving a CDL vehicle, you cant cross lines until your 21. But If my truck will be under 26,000 GCVW, i would imagine I would have have a state line restriction. As for college, Im halfway done. Next year Ill be hired in to first energy as a lineman. I think its like $25/hr starting pay. Thats how I got my cdl also, paid for by them. I want to do this on the weekends so I dont have to work at NEMX, (an indoor motocross track in northeast ohio.), Im usually there 40hrs a week in the winter, and dont want to smell the fumes anymore.
  6. Hey guys, Im looking to get in to hauling. Im 19, have a class A cdl, and am a full time student. I am going to be going back to school this fall, then next summer ill be a lineman for the electric company up here. I want to do some part time hauling on the weekends, and maybe a few times during the week. The major problems im encountering is the legal processes. I plan on using my duramax with a 30' fifth wheel. I know you dont need a cdl, but as far as registration and insurance goes, thats where my questions come in. My main problem is insurance. I am only doing this part time, so I dont want to pay out the butt for insurance to only haul a few times a month. I was wondering if any of you owner operators could chime in on this. Im looking for some kind of insurance that covers me by the trip, not by the year. Is there any company I could call and say, "Hey this weekend im hauling a car to colorado from ohio, I need insurance for the trip." Does this even exist? What should I do about this? My other question is DOT registration, what kind of things do I have to do to be legal? Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help would be greatly appreciated. From what i hear not many owner operators like the guys using pickups to haul, because they can jump through loops.
  7. nate_powell

    95 6.5 duramax

    i totally disagree with that statement. I have a duramax now, and just sold my 6.5 I loved it. They are not made to be fast, not made for power, but a light duty diesel. Yes it is a turd, but dam was it reliable. I got 22mpg highway, 18 city. Then I did a WVO conversion, thing ran awesome. I regret to this day getting rid of it. It will never be a powerstroke or cummins, but does what it was intended to do. They are cheap, easy to fix, and good on fuel. The 6.5 was a great fuel economy engine, just didnt have any balls whatsoever. My truck had a turbo master, 80hp chip, intake, exhaust, water injection, and it was just as reliable as anything out there.
  8. nate_powell

    New Duramax Soon

    After I saw the corrosion I siliconed the drivers side. Still doing the passenger side. After my first set, I started changing the filter every 3,000mi. to be safe, and also ran Diesel Kleen. Then i got my second set, lasted 20,000mi. This third set better last longer, especially since its my bill now. GRRRR! If the white smoke is still there then like I said, here comes a cummins.
  9. nate_powell

    New Duramax Soon

    I absolutely hate my duramax. Only 20,000 on new injectors from the dealer and truck started smoking. Now im out of warranty (7 years) and i tore it apart again. 5 injectors were competely full of some gritty debri, and The high pressure lines were corroded. Just cost me $1200 for reman injectors and doing the labor myself, AAHHH!!!. When filling up, I cant even squeeze the trigger all the way or diesel will shoot out on the side of the truck. The lb7 duramax was the worst decision I made in a long time. I cant wait to go to cummins. Should have done it in the first place. The only thing cool about it is the EFI live software. It really wakes the truck up if you know what your doing.
  10. nate_powell

    95 f250 powerstroke issue

    i would check the drive module. also, those crank sensors are a relatively common problem, check the wires going to the sensor, and possibly change the sensor out again just to make sure.
  11. my 02 has got 189,000 on it and still goin. Shifts great, just keep the oil and filters changed.
  12. check the gear selector at the outside of the transmission, my buddies did the same thing with the dash, but no limping or clunking. He replaced that little sensor, and all is good.
  13. nate_powell

    my Honda Ridgeline...

    my 94 chevy 6.5 has gotten about 24 hwy and about 18 city ever since i put a chip in it. I love diesels and will not own another gas truck!
  14. i just passed my class a commercial in ohio at 18. I know here it was 18 pre trip, 10 maneuverability, and 30 on the road. Watch the signs, dont creep up at a stop sign, you should be able to see the tires of the vehicle in front of you when you stop. Also, brakes are most important in the pre trip.
  15. nate_powell

    old diesel

    use it. It wont hurt at all, I run mine on anything you throw at it, fuel oil, diesel, kero, veg oil, UMO, tranny oil, with a proper fuel system it actually burns oils very well. If you run fuel or kero, use some two stroke oil for some lube.