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  1. What size and brand of tank is that?
  2. JonnyRee

    Oversize tank, Clarke or IMS?

    I have a yz250f 2008. Do any of the clarke or ims tanks have clearance problems with a scotts steering stablizer pin that mounts on the frame? If so, if you go smaller (i.e. 2.6 gallon) will this help the problem? Thx!
  3. JonnyRee

    Oversized tank.

    What size tank is this? It looks huge!
  4. What does less fluid do for the forks? Do you know what stock weight fluid is?
  5. Should i get lighter for oil like 2.5 weight? I was going to try RockOil.
  6. I have a 2008 yz250f with stock suspension. I ride trails mostly and want to soften up the suspension and smooth out the bumps. Anybody just change out the fork oil to make a difference versus doing a complete revalve? I weigh about 205lbs without gear. Anybody try this method versus the fork revalve? Thanks thumpertalkers!!
  7. JonnyRee

    Steahly Flywheel Weight

    I just bought the 8oz for my 2008 yz250f and the new flywheel actually rubbed on the stator pickup. Steahly offered to shave down the flywheel to eliminate rubbing. Factory tolerance on the stator/crank could have been out of wack to cause the rubbing. I might need to modify the stator pickup mounts to get it to work or have the flywheel machined, which they offered to do... other than this i have had good luck with their flywheels before.
  8. I just bought a 2008 YZ250f for the trails and woods. I would like to setup the suspension much like my WR450 which was a lot softer/plusher. Anyone have any suggestions for the rebound/compression settings for a 200lb.+ rider (without gear)? Should i revalve it? Currently the suspension seems really harsh in the whoops and washboard sections. I mainly ride tight to open trails with ruts and whoops. Thx!
  9. JonnyRee

    My new ride, check it out

    I just bought a 2008 YZ250F for $5,000 OTD in Cali. Love the bikes weight considering i have a 2007 WR450F. Who are you going to take the suspension too?? I live in the Bay Area and need a recommendation!
  10. I'm going to sport for a g2 throttle tube with a quick cam to get the power down ASAP. The jetting seems to be working out great...i only replaced the pilot screw so i can adjust at a moments notice. Oh yeah...finally added the billet tip for the spark arrestor and a twin air filter. Runs great for the first ride...adjusted the suspension too (compression and rebound) and seems to working great so far. I will adjust the suspension again as it gets worn in.
  11. JonnyRee

    G2 quick turn throttle cam

    I have one installed on my 2007 WR450F and highly recommend it. I have the quick turn cam (Y050) which opens up the throttle a lot quicker then stock. I ride mostly trails and do a few harescrambles in the wood, etc... The cam allows you to get into the power quicker then a stock cam and it helps keep your arm drop to a minimum, which messess with your technique. It saves energy as well due to better riding style and form...it helps in the quick transitions when racing or riding hard for 2 hours in a race. You need good form to keep your endurance up. I just ordered one for my 2008 YZ250F and can't wait for it to arrive. I was reluctant to use it on tight trails with the fear that it might be too much to quick in the tight sections, but i have not noticed it affecting me negatively at all in the tight woods. Try it, you will like it and you can always change out the cams to your liking. Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks for the info guys...i had the same problem today with trying to wrap the wire around the two wires that lead into the spark plug cap...i will try wrapping the wire around the atual cap to get it working!! Thank god for thumpertalk!
  13. JonnyRee

    Turning a YZ250F into a trail beast

    How do you like the rekluse? I just bought an 08 and that is one of the first mods i am thinking about doing. Is it worth the money? Did you get the pro or standard rekluse? Thx!
  14. Why will it be cheaper if i replace or revalve before i ride??
  15. Looking for upgrade recommendations for my new 2008 Yamaha yz250f i just picked up! Upgrades i am considering for mostly trail riding... 1. Scotts stabilizer 2. JD Jetting Kit 3. Promoto Billet Exhaust tip 4. Uni air filter 5. Rekluse auto clutch 6. ASV levers, Hand guards Anybody have any other power recommendations??? Thanks! Excited to upgrade this bike!