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  1. truly_5150

    "psers Poker Run" Whos Goin?

    just got back, what a blast we all had, every thing went well, no problems out on the trails. stopped twice to save the same rider, he ran out of gas both times. i found it to be alot more muddier this year.
  2. truly_5150

    "psers Poker Run" Whos Goin?

    there is lots of single track, stuff quads cant touch, I ride there every year, its a blast, and the kids love it
  3. truly_5150

    Best KTM Model For Woods Riding

    i ride a 520 mxc in tight western washington woods, easy to control, lugs like a tractor ,and the ablity to takle anything I throw at it. i also am 5'10" 170.
  4. truly_5150

    Pics of your SSR's and Chinese

    ssr 70c
  5. truly_5150

    Ssr Sr110

    ssr are good bikes, I was leary at first. I bought the ssr 70c for my eight year old duaghter, and of course I had to try it out , also I am 170LBS. for a 70cc bike I am able to rail second gear wheelies pretty easy, I have grown up riding all sorts of bikes and these ssr pit bikes are good for the price! I am looking to get myself an ssr 125. (for fun)
  6. truly_5150

    Who is going to Shelton on Saturday?

    I just got back from the fun run there in Shelton, It was awsome! The wife and I had fun, it was our first poker run. the only this that was'nt cool was the impatient riders and the drunk quad riders after the event,( the parking lot pro's) with no helets on. I felt the hole event was well organized, the staff and all the helpers did a good job. We are planning to go next year, next time I think I'll take my kid, she would have a blast with all the other kids.
  7. truly_5150

    Engine Coolant

    I own a 02 520mxc and it allways seemed hot while riding it really hard on the trails, so I changed to engine ice and quickly noticed a difference in cooling. Engine Ice works good, I recomend it to everyone I ride with.
  8. truly_5150

    Shelton Enduro --Coming up

    I went that route and got me one of those pro moto inserts, so now Im ready. I live in sequim, so I do get to check out other shops, I have to shop by internet for anything good.
  9. truly_5150

    Shelton Enduro --Coming up

    I rode at shelton this last weekend, it was a good ride. I heard about the family fun run at the end of the month, I was planing on doing it ( it'll be my first time in years) , but I heard they will be doing db tests, Im not sure If my bike will pass, It's a WR250f with stock exhaust except for the defusser removed (it was gone when I bought it). Could anyone tell me if I would be able to pass db level ,it does'nt seem to be any louder than my KTM520, and the KTM has stock exhaust, NO mods!
  10. truly_5150

    ktm 450 reliability .. ????

    I own two bikes, a WR250F and a KTM520mxc both are fun bikes to ride, part costs are about the same. But the ktm is much easier to work on, valve jobs on the ktm are 45min. and so easy to do, no shims to mess with, just a flat head screw driver and a 10mm wrench. oil changes take me 5min. longer than the WR. KTM's are really good bikes, despite what people might say about them. now that I have a KTM I will never buy a jap bike again, IMO.
  11. I have had problems loosing coolant somewhere, after rides I have checked my coolant level, and noticed my coolant is a little low. I dont think that I have gotten it hot enuff to over heat, I have'nt noticed any fluid running out of the over flow tube. has anybody had this problem, is it normal or could there be something wrong.
  12. truly_5150

    My First Dirtbike WR426

    I made the misstake of buying a WR250f ,thinking it would be enuff bike for me. need less to say, I now am riding a ktm520 mxc! it is all the bike I'll ever need. go big or go home!!!! By the way nice bike.
  13. truly_5150

    Another cute girl rider

    Nope, mom rides with us, I bought a new bike this year and handed down my wr250f to her.
  14. truly_5150

    Another cute girl rider

    That is so cool! her first raptor, is she walking yet, my little boy just turned 1 on the 1st and is almost ready to walk. after he can walk I'll have to get him one of those little quads.
  15. truly_5150

    how many miles is too many

    By the way I owen a 88 nissan pathfinder with 265,000 mile on it, it does'nt burn any oil and still runs strong. I also have a geo metro that has 170,000 miles on it (my commuter car) it burns a quart of oil a week.