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  1. Any pearls of wisdom before I jump into this?
  2. I ordered a top end kit from the dealer....$75...not bad! Comes w/piston, rings, seals, etc. Nothing for the header... I'll start there and see what happens...
  3. i'm not sure, but i'd be inclined to say yes, it's burning oil....DOH!! What needs done?
  4. My son's 125L ('04) is running very rich. It's smoking way too much, even at idle. What can I do to lean it up? Could it be some other serious issue? I took the spark plug out and it was black, wet, and full of chunky build up. Any help???
  5. Does anybody know the weight of my '92 TE350? I'm a dirt bike novice, just getting into all of the off-road stuff. I'm wondering if I should keep this bike or get something newer and lighter. How does this compare to newer Husky's and jap bikes?
  6. how do I adjust the idle on my drz125?