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  1. gtallenjeeper

    Klx 650c Engine Issues

    I finally got the cylinder head off of the bike, only to find that both intake valves are stuck open. I am guessing that they are bent. I can't find any sign that they came in contact with the piston, but the damage to the upper cam chain suggestes some kind of interference. Can any one suggest were I should get a valve job done at in Colorado?
  2. gtallenjeeper

    Klx 650c Engine Issues

    I got a little deeper into the head and finally found that the upper cam chain has a couple of broken pins in the links which have allowed the cam to jump its time. I finally got my service manual and tools from work and plan on pulling the chains today. Looks like my part list is going to be long. I have to pull the head and the flywheel, which means a head gasket and a flywheel bolt, along with the two chains and middle sproket. My next Question is. Is this an interference engine, and is the broken cam chain only a symptom of anouther problem?
  3. gtallenjeeper

    Klx 650c Engine Issues

    All I have had time to do is pull off the valve cover and look for obvious signs that something is wrong. the cam chain seems tight. When I get my service manual I will check the valves and chain tension.
  4. gtallenjeeper

    Klx 650c Engine Issues

    I recently bought a 94 klx 650C. It ran good on the way home. Fuel mileage was a little disapointing, about 43 mpg. The next couple of days it would die like as if I ran it out of fuel. I would crank it a while, and switch the fuel selector a couple of times and it would finally start. Finally after sitting a couple of days I tried to start it to put it away, no start. I charged the battery and got it to fire up, but it had a loud knock. I shut it off quick. I then cranked it again. It made a poping noise and then it lost compression. Now when I crank the engine it is pushing air back through the carb. I popped off the valve cover thinking it had broken the cam chain or something timing related. Everything lookes ok, nothing loose or broken. Is there a compression release that may be stuck open? If the fuel is left on can it cause a hydraulic lock of the cylinder? I will have a service manual in a couple of days. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  5. Does any one have a hands free set that is comfortable to wear under a helmet?
  6. gtallenjeeper

    Berthoud Hare Scramble series

    what are the rules of a hare scramble? how many classes are there, how much does it cost to run? when are the races, are there prizes would a Suzuki DR 650 be able to run the scramble?
  7. gtallenjeeper

    Problem.some advice on carbs/jetting. 05 DR650

    Start with the usual suspects. check to make sure that the choke is not partially on. There is a plastic nut that holds the cable in place on the carb. That broke on my bike, and even though the choke lever was in the off position it wasn't pulling the cable into the off position. Is it a bad gas problem. My DR is horribly sensitive to ethanol, anything over 10% gives stumbling and flat spots. Next clean the air filter. Lastly, I would check the spark plugs. If the bike is running really rich it could be fouling the plugs at idle, and take a little heat to clear them. hope this gives you a starting place.
  8. gtallenjeeper

    what is a hare scramble? Can a DR650 handle one?

    I was lurking on one of the other forums on TT and read of a hare scramble in my area. I am new to organized riding, it sounds interesting, but I am wondering if my 98 could stand the beating it might take. Has anyone ever done such a thing on a DR650?
  9. gtallenjeeper


    I fly behind air cooled engines all of the time. They have cht probes on every cylinder, along with egt, oil pressure, oil temp, fuel flow, turbo temp, and inter cooler temp. Normal range for a 260 hp six cylinder engine that is producing 75% power is about 250 and 450 degrees. If the Cht is running hotter that 400 degrees then you should jet your carb more rich. The extra fuel will cool the cylinder head as much as 100 degrees with out effecting power. In the airplane we use the fuel mixture to control cht.
  10. gtallenjeeper

    How do you make a DR 650 fly?

    I am getting used to the DR, and starting to find the limits in the suspension. So far I have stiffer springs in the forks, and a super trap muffler to save weight. Is there any thing else I can do to keep it from blowing the fork seals and bottoming out the rear shock? What mods has everyone done to make the DR more dirt worthy?
  11. gtallenjeeper

    DR650 vs XR650L

    It sounds like you will be doing a lot of commuting between trails. I really think the DR will be a better compromise between the three bikes. With stiffer springs and a good set of tires the DR will be able to go any where the XR can go, and be just as good, and be much more comfortable and able to carry your gear.
  12. gtallenjeeper

    DR 650 Owners Opinions

    I ride my DR as a daily commuter back and forth to work, which is only on dirt roads and only 7 miles one way. The only reason I would think of a KLR is that it would be more comfortable on the longer rides. Stock the DR is only comfortable for about 30 minutes at a time. One nice thing about the DR is that it can be altered to be much more comfortable for the long haul, but not lose any of its dirt prowess. I am not sure the KLR can go the other way as easily.
  13. gtallenjeeper

    What is high milage for a DR 650?

    I would like to find out the life span of the 96-07 DR 650. Please tell me how many miles you have on your bikes, and what kind of maintenance needed to get there. I love my 98 and ride it every day. I have put 5000 miles on it this summer, and the bike has 10,000 total miles. I am pretty mechanical and have a good shop and intend on maintaining the bike myself. I have been lurking on this forum for quite a while, and have learned lots of good stuff. but I haven't seen any thing much about how long they will last. Who has the highest mileage DR?
  14. gtallenjeeper

    gearing and mileage question

    I bought a 98 DR650 this fall and am still getting used to it. It has been modded some. knobbies, supertrapp muffler, K & N filter, dyno jet mod to the carb, and I know that it isn't stock gearing, just havent counted teeth yet. I hit the reserve at 87 miles yesterday. That seems really bad compared to what every body else is getting. any suggestions would be appreciated. I ride almost exclusively on gravel roads and top speed is about 80 mph.