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    how mental is this guy

    It is Moab and the Poison Spyder Mesa. That is the river road a couple of thousand feet below. The arch is really pretty wide. Like walking a 2x4 but then you suspend it a couple of hundred feet. I rode a mtn bike down the arch the way he went up but that was 12 years ago when I was as an expert mtn bike racer living nearby... no kids then.. This is not far from where that guy had to cut his arm off.
  2. mwr

    KTM durability!! LOL

    Drzdual, Congrats on the Dakar! I would like to do the Dakar in two years. What bike would you suggest. More importantly.. How much did the Dakar cost?
  3. This addetive does not cause any slippage with your rekulse?
  4. Thought real hard about the WR but felt like it would not be much of a change from the 525 and there is 26 lbs weight diferrence between the WR and YZ. Lateley I have been going to a MX track once a week for training and my try age group racing.
  5. mwr

    First ride with Rekluse Pro auto clutch

    thanks dirtrier1. It is stalling when I hit the throttle to go over a log or rock and then chop the throttle real quick once the front wheel clears. But my float is sticking which could be the source.
  6. After months of research I bought a yz 450 f 10 days ago. I am coming off a 05 KTM 525 exc I put 8000 miles in two years with fifteen dessert races in the last 18 months. I did my first race as a novice and will probably point out in the next 4 or 5 races and be bumped to expert. I wanted light and good handling but tough. I was going to buy the 300xc but just didn't like the way smokers rides. The yz is lighter, reportedly better suspension and very little maintence(aka valves). Paid 7000 out the door two hundred more than the KTM. I loaded up on all the extras and got a 20% discount (oil, filters, set of tires, rekluse clutch, skid plate which I have not put on yet) so I saved a fair amount of money to buy a new chain which I new was junk. But like the one post said it is a mx bike with a light cheap chain. I also get 15% on parts for life. Surprises: 1 no tool kit (how do I change the front if I flat on the trail the first ride?) 2 told I will probably need to jet it. KTM reno jets their bikes out the door. 3 hard to start. couldn't find the button!!lol it was hard to start. 4 3rd ride.. float is sticking.. already looking at sending it to zip ty because evidently it has to have the fuel screw to run proprely. The wife does not understand why my new bike does not run correctly. 5 oil cap o-ring tore, my fault. I knew it would take money to get dessert ready and gearing and suspension work would be needed. Did not expect carb issues out of the box and it could be a speck of dirt in my gas. I am counting on a sweet well handling bike that will only need the valves adjusted once or twice a year. I still believe I made the best choice for me.
  7. mwr

    First ride with Rekluse Pro auto clutch

    Put a rekluse on my KTM 05 525 exc almost a year ago and it definately improved my riding. Unfortunately it is a little hard for me to ride fast on a regular bike now especially without the LHRB. Bought a 07 yz 450 f last week and the first thing I did was put on a rekluse. Call me a wimp but if technology can improve you or speed up the learning curve, I am all for it. Most guys that are really serious about riding or racing spend boo koo bucks to have their suspension done or jetting dialed in and no one questions that. I have done it in another order which worked for me and my dessert racing. 1 Bike with a button 2 Rekluse 3 Stabilizer 4 LHRB 5 suspension 6 07 ya 450 f with all of the above, except a button. Can't have everything.. In 18 months went from my first race as a novice to almost enough points to get bumped to expert. The rekluse helped the most. My new bike is stalling on me, without a button I am not ready to do the first race next week. Tonight I am going to put in a zp ty airscrew and hopefully alleviate the problem. I am told to add a fly wheel weight as well. It has stock jetting with the riding in Reno from 4000-6000.