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  1. I thought of the same thing, but according to the shop that did my frame, if you use a screw in plug the powdercoat will be too thick and basically fuse the plug to the frame when it gets baked. You could certainly do this during the sandblasting though and keep most of that out of there. When they did mine, they used some neoprene plugs wedged into the hole. After baking they pull right out (like a wine bottle cork).
  2. Just wanted to post the "finished" pics. I put the yamaha decals from the 06 SE on, and a white front plate. I think I like the yellow front plate (with a white b/g) better, so I will probably swap it out eventually. I cant wait for this ice to melt so I can ride
  3. Frame Powdercoat $400, Tank $170, Fenders/Graphics $200, and suspension was around $750, so right around $1500, plus small misc items. The bike feels really smooth and tight after repacking all the bearings with grease. Unfortunately it seems like winter has finally arrived so I'm not sure when I will get to take it out next. Still have put a little time on it, re-check all the bolts and do an oil change or two to make sure there is no junk in the motor.
  4. Thats a good looking bike too It was a fun project, and since it looks so good I'm thinking of doing my banshee (in the background) with the same color scheme My first bike was a PW50 in Yellow and black when I was 4, then a Yellow/black PW80 a few years later. By the time I was old enough to ride a YZ80 and 125 they switched to the Red and white. Having my bike this way really gives it that old feel, and I dig it. Maybe in a few years this bike will evolve into the old Yamaha red/white as well, but for now I'm really happy with it. I might post up some final pics when I get my white number plate, and other small decals to finish up the thread. Hope everyone enjoyed watching the evolution
  5. Finished up the bike today, did the seat and the rest of the graphics, finished up the seal savers, etc. Filled up the oil, coolant and fuel and it started on the second kick Rode it around the yard a little and it feels good. I will do another oil change tomorrow and put some more riding time on it. Now all I need is some warm weather, and my number plate background
  6. Thanks everyone! I was hoping to finish the bike today, but I was so excited to get the forks on yesterday that I forgot to install my seal savers So today I had to take the forks back off and put them on, and it looks like I will need some longer bolts for the top of the fork guards. I will get the seat done tomorrow hopefully and will post up some finished pics. I am still on the fence about the tank graphics. I dont know if I should leave the black tank or put the yellow stickers over it.
  7. Did some more work today. Got everything bolted back together with the suspension and plastics. I still need to finish the graphics, and do the seat cover. I also need to get a white front number plate background, and the "YZ450F" and "YAMAHA" Stickers from the '06SE to make it look more finished.
  8. Here are some more pics from this weekend. The oil tank had some dirt in it as expected. I flushed it out and got most of the dirt out as you can see in the paint strainer. I went through 3 or 4 quarts of oil before it was clean. I put everything I could back on until the forks and shock arrive tomorrow. Also put the new black tank in place. Plastics and forks/shock will be here tomorrow! Hopefully I can get it all together in the next few days
  9. Yep me too. I guess I've been thinking about this since the first time I saw the '06 SE...Those are some good looking bikes
  10. The oil tank was a concern of mine since before I started, so I hear you guys on that one. Sand and bearings dont mix too well I think I have a solution though. I am going to flush it with some lacquer thinner since its thin viscosity, and will evaporate cleanly. Then I'm going to use the air blower, and vacuum it out with my shop vac. I think I can get the bottom corners with a long piece of hose or a straw tapped to the vac hose. After that I'm going to flush it out with some motor oil. I have some paint strainers that I can put under the frame holes and see exactly what comes out. If its clean I'll start putting it back together. I'm sure there will still be trash in there so I will run it for short intervals and do a few oil and filter changes. For the handlebars, yep they are stockers. I thought about getting some better ones, but I am going to wait a while. I feel comfortable on the bike with these, and I guess I'm just used to them.
  11. Here are some pics of the powder coat. The frame and handle bars were done the same color. Its a sparkle silver / clearcoat. The metallic is not so defined in person and it has a nice "depth" to it. Sorry about the sideways pic: Close up of the Neck area:
  12. I just picked up the frame and handlebars. Total for the bars and frame was $400 (media blast and powder coat). I'll put some pics up shortly of the frame, and It looks like the suspension, and plastics will be here Monday
  13. I used 400 grit sandpaper, then 1500 grit, then mothers mag/aluminum polish with an orbital buffer and by hand. The pipe is almost chrome in appearance, even though the pics dont do it justice. Looks like the frame will be ready in a few hours. I am trying to think of a way to clean out the oil take prior to re-assembly. It could have sand or bits of powdercoat in there from the process. Also will need to run a tap through the bolt holes and clean the race surfaces in the stem. I was going to polish the swingarm too, but its got some kind of clear coating on it, so I just cleaned it up real good.
  14. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share my progress. Last week I tore apart my perfectly good dirt bike to give it a makeover After seeing some of the pics on this site I couldn't resist anymore. -Ordered the Yellow/black hurricane Kit -Sent the shock and forks to Factory Connection to be revalved/resprung -Ordered a black Tank -Dropped the bare frame off at the local powder coater to be redone in silver -Ordered a bunch of Misc items, like grips, chain sliders, etc. For the last week I have been cleaning parts and waiting for my frame, and suspension to get finished. Also checked the valve clearance which is still in spec after 3 yrs Hopefully it should start coming together Friday. I am also repacking all the bearings, and polishing some of the small aluminum items like the exhaust can, subframe, frame guards, etc. Disassembly pic Partially cleaned up engine: Cleaned Swingarm: Polished exhaust: