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  1. I'm looking at fitting new tyres to my 06 E (Aussie model) Has anybody had any issues with this size tyre? Will be used for commuting and the odd bit of fire trail riding, bugger all sand or mud. 130/80-18 E-08 72T TL R SKU: MAV64024414 Mitas - E-08 - 70% Road / 30% Off-Road Application Front/Rear Tyre - Suited to Road & Off Road Conditions Road Status - DOT Approved Performance Tyre for Off and On-Road Conditions All responses appreciated. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Mark VIII

    Carby Derestrict

    Got me an Australian DRZ400E about a month ago. I took it to the dealer for its 1000km service and asked about derestricting it. Apart from the airbox, rev limiter, jetting the sevice manager mentioned a restricting baffle or gasket in the carby that needed correcting. Anyone know about this? Thanks, Mark.
  3. Mark VIII

    stand switch jumper electric ?

    Is this an ideal opportunity to use the leads for a hidden kill switch? In my mind it looks like it was made for it. Mark.