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  1. Because it's the Crossings MX?... In Valparaiso, Indiana..?
  2. Yamaha

    I like the way Jessthro thinks, but I'd like to add gettin' nerfs along the way depending on what kind of riding you do, and def different tires.
  3. The original posts though are from '03.
  4. But it was a Saturday in '03.
  5. Suzuki

    Thank you, my whole point that staggsracing apparently missed was the fact that if you're going to race, you're going to upgrade. Thus if the YFZ and 450R are so competitive stock with the LTR then they will surpass it when the playing field is leveled, and anyone really serious is eventually going to change the a-arms and axle and probably the shocks on the LTR when they fail as CRFX528 already pointed out because OEM parts really aren't that great.
  6. Yamaha

    Yeah but it costs an arm and a leg compared to all the rest out there pretty much. But from what I've heard it's well worth it, supposedly no pro or amateur rider has ever been able to break one yet.
  7. No offense really intended here getdrunk, but that sounds kinda billy rigged. I don't know how hot the YZF exhausts get but you might wanna think about moving it off a little bit I know my YFZ's gets pretty hot even at the silencer running hard for a prolonged period of time. But good luck really and hopefully everything holds together for you.
  8. Yamaha

    Do you have a tether kill switch on it? Every once and a while the tether wires on my YFZ get a bad connection and I have to fix it up after a lot of hard riding at whooped out Motoland. It does the same thing as you're describing.
  9. Not for the outrageous prices I've seen people trying to sell the kickstart kits for.
  10. Suzuki

    In stock trim the LTR is better on an MX track according to the mag articles I've read, but not by too much. If you make the YFZ or 450R wider and put 18-inch rear wheels on them then it makes me wonder how well the LTR would hang if the playing field were even. According to Dirtwheels they did say the 450R had the best overall power, followed by the YFZ, then the LTR. They said the LTR didn't have the same bottom end as the Honda or the Yamaha, but the top end is right up there with the YFZ and 450R.
  11. Amazing, especially without practicing into a foam pit first.
  12. Cool vid, nice job on it too.
  13. Don't let him get to you man. He's just wanting to get you all wound up. Obviously you're taking some hella amazing pictures or else they wouldn't always be up on the Motoland website, right? I'm sure they get tons of people offering to send in their pics, but almost always since I've joined TT I see the same pictures you post on here and the Motoland website. You've got the results in the great shots you get so don't listen to it, in one ear and out the other(trust me I'm no good at it either). Keep up the good work, you make the great riders look even better and the bad ones like me look good... Or at least not so bad.
  14. Still I can't believe you say something that ignorant. I see amateur riders all often with numbers like 14, 4, and those of other top pros, but that's ok? Who's to say maybe he didn't just fancy the number 199 or maybe he doesn't really have respect and like Travis as a rider and what he's done for FMX. The guy on the quad with 199 on the front for the record is Pat Brown and he is a pro quad racer, so for all of you who just don't like hill jack quad riders you shouldn't be able to have anything against him.
  15. Yeah the two strokes aren't as easy to ride and compete with a 450 but if you put a stellar rider who fits perfectly with a two stroke in his riding style he'll do great against the 450's. For the most part when the YFZ and 450R came out the pro riders were(and still largely are) big time vets and the only things most of them seriously raced their whole lives were two strokes and I'm sure everyone knows it's a lot different riding a two stroke and a four stroke.