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  1. pesso

    STREET LEGAL CR500 in cali pics

    Can you tell us how you registered it in ca for street use?
  2. I live in CA and was wondering if this is possible. The bike is a kx250f.
  3. I am in CA and am wondering if this is possible.
  4. I live in california and I was wondering if this is possibly, the bike is a kx250f. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to make an 06 kx250f street legal in the state of California?
  6. pesso

    RC vs. Bubba Vid.

    cool video lame song
  7. pesso

    Beaches close to LA?

    Try venice and santa monica. Lots to do. I live here!
  8. pesso

    Pink Riding Gear!

    Jesus! Could that guys pants be any tighter?
  9. pesso

    red sticker placement

    Thanks for the link! License Plate Placement "It is important that you affix the plate in the proper location for the type of vehicle you own. Use the diagrams below to identify the required location for placement of the OHV plate on your vehicle. Before affixing the plate to your vehicle, be sure the placement area is clean and dry. If you affix the plate incorrectly or keep it in the storage space beneath the vehicle seat, you may be cited by law enforcement." Its not that I have a problem dispaying my red sticker, it's that I dont want it to be one with my bike completely. i.e. There is a spot on your car for your plate, it is held by nuts and bolts. Why could I not affix my sticker in a similar fashion?
  10. pesso

    06kx250f main jet question

    Actually it has been getting a little bit warmer here and I noticed that the popping has been minimized, also messed with the air screw a little and it seems to be a little better.
  11. pesso

    so cal riding

    I just found this: http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=21928 Looks like in most cases I still have two more months
  12. pesso

    red sticker placement

    Interesting, now that is an idea.
  13. pesso

    red sticker placement

    eh what the hell, I guess I will just do it as they say/show.
  14. pesso

    so cal riding

    Howdy, I plan on going riding this coming weekend and was wondering if anyone knows of any good places around the l.a. area. That are within the red sticker season too. Thanks,
  15. pesso

    red sticker placement

    I got a new sticker in and I was wondering if there is an alternate way to place it that will still fly with the authorities. I remember a time when we would place our stickers on a slit piece of pvc and fix them around our front fork. Can you still do this? Is there other ways that you know of? Not a fan of having it stuck to my fork. Thanks