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  1. So I finally got around to getting the stupid bolt the factory had seized into the gas tank (through the shroud) on my bike. Everything went smooth and I epoxyied the metal piece back into the tank woth no issues. Then.................I did something really stupid. I had also taken the shroud off the other side and went to put it back on. Just couldn't get all the bolts to line up so I geuss i used a littel too much force on one of the ones that goes into the tank and tripped the threads (not the bolt threads, the ones inside the metal pice that is in the tank) So now the bolt screws in a good bit but then it just keeps turning. Can I just used some blue or red locktite to fasten the bolt in there????
  2. 2004raptor

    Do spy goggles just suck?

    I go tthe free spy goggles with a helmet purchase that motosport did a while back. Not sure which model Spy's they are but I have a similar problem with them also. I wear contacts so it really stinks when you get dust in there.
  3. 2004raptor

    Can't get it out!

    Found this. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=489633
  4. 2004raptor

    CRF 450R suspension help.

    OK, on this link here. http://www.tootechracing.com/suspension_tips.htm It says a good starting point is 4". It says the following. Changing the Race Sage to 3 ¾” will raise the rear end making the bike turn sharper and reduce bottoming. Conversely changing the Sag to 4 ¼” will lower the rear and increase high speed stability So according to the above statement if I am at 3.75 it will reduce bottoming so I would need to adjust it towards 4 so it will "give" in a little, right?? After all I don't think I am anywhere near bottoming out because I don't jump huge jumps. Of course if I case something it may bottom out but I can't really go by that, can I??? thanks for the help everyone.
  5. 2004raptor

    CRF 450R suspension help.

    Just tried to do the sag measurement and I was about 3.75" difference between the bike on the stand and me on it. Of course this is a rough # since i was alone doing it. I'll try and get another measurement this weekend but I can't imagine it changing very much at all.
  6. 2004raptor

    Frame polish

    sos pad works to get the black off. You can alos use mothers polish to get it to shine but it seems to be alot of work imo.
  7. 2004raptor

    Oil Change O6 Crf450r

    mobile1 mx4t on both sides.
  8. 2004raptor

    CRF 450R suspension help.

    thanks for the info. I'll check out the sag this weekend.
  9. 2004raptor

    CRF 450R suspension help.

    I'm sure that would be ideal but for now I don't think it's necessary. Everything has been pretty good for over a year but I am getting a littel more comfortable on the bike so I want to see if I can dial in the stock settings a bit. I just need help on where to begin.
  10. I posted in the 450R forum but wanted to see if I could get some detailed help in here as well. My 2006 CRF is stock, never messed with suspension. I do not want to get a new spring or revavle, just wnat to see how much I can tweak out of the stock setup. With gear I'm ~210 or so and about 5'11. Some light MX not any huge jumps yet. Just want some general settings on what I should try out. Last time I went to the track I bounced off of a single to table top jump so I was thinking of going a littel softer in the suspension. Would that be advisable and what all would it affect? Also, since I've never adjusted before (and I'm not at hom eright now) does the manual actually show you exactly how to adjust front and rear? I need some pretty basic help on this if someone can help me. thanks
  11. I am curious about this also. Did you adjust yours and did it help any? I have a crf450 and would like to soften up things just a bit.
  12. 2004raptor

    Need help with adjusting suspension/sag.

    Thanks for the links and the recommendation on the video. I may look into ordering it later. I guess it's better to set the sag before the suspension, right? If anyone has any other links/tutorials or advice I would appreciate it.
  13. 2004raptor

    mx in athens, ga

    Not to steer you away for TT but http://www.georgiaoffroad.com/ has alot of info on tracks. Has to be one near you. I went to Broad River the other day and I think it's near Athens. At least I saw alot of signs on the way that were towards Athens. The MX track was pretty good.
  14. 2004raptor

    Can you prevent "bouncing" after a jump?

    Thanks. I try to remember that. Wish i had a video to see if that contributed to it but in my mind I think I was on the gas which seemed to make me bounce further. But it could all be in my head.