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  1. ouch. The 750 rebate from yamaha is killing me
  2. what do you guys think is an appropriate asking price for an 09 yz450 if it only has 1 short ride on it in excellent condition with a few upgrades? thanks
  3. thanks for the help, the wheel is now assembled
  4. thanks kj, I'm going to give it another try now
  5. no I jumped right in and tore it all down without taking any measurements, DOH! I've read through all the sites I could find and didn't find much info (or any) on building from scratch with spokes of varying lengths.
  6. I've been trying to lace my rear wheel after powdercoating the hub and rim but its not going very smoothly. the front wheel was very straightforward and had no problems. The spokes for the rear wheel are of two different lengths and whatever spoke pattern I try doesn't seem to be right. Can someone tell me which length spokes belong in each course on the hub? thanks in advance
  7. it does
  8. thanks, I have the s model manual in pdf, but it doesn't seem to say anything about the vaccuum system from petcock to carb. My sm won't start, I had thought it was electrical but its sparking fine. It cranks and cranks without starting, and the spark plug is dry. Trying to find a reason why it wouldn't be getting fuel
  9. I'm in need of a drz sm service manual, specifically the fuel system and troubleshooting sections. Does anyone have one in pdf they might share? thanks
  10. This question has probably been asked/answered countless times before, but after spending a lot of time sifting through searches I thought I'd just ask. 05 DRZ400sm with full yosh rs3, DJ "S" jet kit, and 3x3 mod, sea level. What main jet and fuel screw settings should I run for this setup? 25 pilot right? Also, is it worthwhile to replace the "S" needle with the "SM" needle, or should I just get main and pilot jets squared away? thanks