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  1. all orig graphics and cover never used does not include petcock vent hose and seat bracket call 973 663 1151 and ill send add $12 for shipping.
  2. wr400fk

    01 wr seat tank for sale

    01 wr 426 oem seat and tank for sale less petcock vent hose seat braketmounts $125 plus shipping never used orig graphics and seat cover call 973 663 1151
  3. wr400fk

    wr seat tank for dale

    01 wr seat new cond never used with orig seat never used $175 $10 shiiping just mail me a check call 973 663 1151 ill call you back
  4. wr400fk

    01 wr yz cdi box

    does anyone know for sure if the yz wr cdi boxes are different in maps or curves im putting a wr box on my yz with the staor and flywheel for lighting only but dont want to hurt or change power except for the 2oz flywheel weight difference
  5. im not sure but i think the 00 01 yz is the same and i am runnung a 00 wr stator flywheel and cdi on my 01 yz426 so i can run lights according to baja designs all the curves map etc is this true anyones comments will help
  6. wr400fk

    01 426

    are the 01 rear hubs any different than the 00 hubs i know from 99 to 00 they were lighter which is probably why they break i do have a new 01 and did not ride yet too cold but am thinking of talon front and rear for safety reasons
  7. wr400fk

    New Competition

    i talked to the yamaha dealer rep and he said there were going to be changes in the 02 426 big changes which might mean alum frame weight or who knows what else
  8. wr400fk

    Hey G-Man

    well ive owned a 98 wr400 99yz125 99yz400 00kx250 00cr125 00yz250 and have ridden 00yz426 00 and 01cr250 and my opinion is that the cr is good if you jet it properly and do susp work the yz250 leave alone great stock the wr yz 400 s good but heavy and if you stall forget it in a race so what am i doing selling my 00yz250 and probobly getting a cr 250 the yamaha rep sez next year big change on yz 426 -15pds but all are good if you adapt to them one more thing i always get holeshotted by those damm 4 strokes
  9. wr400fk

    Hey G-Man

    wow i am having the same problem i race a 2001yz 250 in mx but want a woods bike that i can put a light kit on and cr250 gets a e line coil or get the wr426 but i am afraid of weight and stalling in woods but the cr s are so hard to jet and i hear the frame beats you up
  10. wr400fk

    yz wr same?

    do the yz426 and wr426 have the same valving for susp front and rear or are they just sprung different i pick up my wr426 next week and am just curious how good the stock susp is for northeast usa
  11. wr400fk

    throttle stop

    should i remove or cut stop and if i cut how much off 00wr400