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  1. Steven R

    KLX400R thoughts.

    I went with cheaper and regretted it later, would go with the Bajadesigns kit if doing it again.
  2. Steven R

    Salt Lake City Jetting

    Check out this post it is very similar to yours. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=516452 Good Luck
  3. Steven R


    Have had my rt shoe lace caught multiple times without dropping the bike. Did drop it when I forgot to undo the fork lock in the parking lot at work, blew my cover on that one.
  4. Steven R

    raced my first supermoto on the z "funny"

    good pics. that makes me want an sm now. never can have too many drz's.
  5. Steven R

    i never though this would happen

    Awsome pics. now i know why I never wanted to go there with my brother. bet you are right on that weight to power issue, that is a long steep hill.
  6. Steven R

    2004 DRZ-400 HID headlight

    I'm wondering how this would work on an E model. I want to make it street legal. Assuming I will need a switch of sorts. Then ....
  7. I was able to rotate the carb enough after i removed the throttle cable bracket. Getting the spacer behind the bracket was a challenge, but no more so than the back two screws on the float bowl. The hex screws paid for themselves right there though. I haven't moved the clip up a notch as I'm taking the bike out, about a 1,000 feet lower in altitude and want to see how it runs there. Thanks for the help.
  8. I just installed the JD kit + 3x3 in my previously unmodded DRZ, except for the 14 tooth front sprocket. Test riding @ 5,500-6,500 feet in southern Utah. Did not get the big boost in power as expected, so I switched to blue needle 3rd clip. This gave an improvement, but still not optimal, I'm thinking it might still be a little rich as no choke was needed this am. So which way should I move the clip, up or down. Thinking maybe changing the jet to 145 instead of 150. What do ya'll think. Haven't checked the plug yet, was a little dark with the red needle in. I know if the tank comes off something is gonna change in the carb, I won't just check the plug and let it go. Enough rambling, sorry.
  9. Steven R

    New Main Jet what needle position?

    yah! i second that. thanks also.
  10. Steven R

    DRZ400S Dyno, with JD jet kit, tuning

    I'm at almost 6,000 feet, and very interested in the final settings also. thanks
  11. Steven R

    Dr650 vs KLR650... are they similar?

    One of my brothers has the DR and the other has the KLR. After riding both I chose the DRZ and it rules. I didn't like either of theirs for different reasons they are definitely not the same bike
  12. Steven R

    Older dudes

    50 with an 06 S. A good dirt ride is exercise. Keep on truckin. If I had the money an sm would be nice second bike.
  13. Steven R

    DJ JetKit VS JD JetKit

    I'm running a 135 jet on my stock S now. So I think the high altitude people will need to get more jets. Starting out at 6,000 feet in S Utah. Just my 2 cents worth. Probably will get the dj kit since the JD is so new unless I hear different. Thanks