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  1. I went with cheaper and regretted it later, would go with the Bajadesigns kit if doing it again.
  2. Check out this post it is very similar to yours. Good Luck
  3. Have had my rt shoe lace caught multiple times without dropping the bike. Did drop it when I forgot to undo the fork lock in the parking lot at work, blew my cover on that one.
  4. good pics. that makes me want an sm now. never can have too many drz's.
  5. Awsome pics. now i know why I never wanted to go there with my brother. bet you are right on that weight to power issue, that is a long steep hill.
  6. I'm wondering how this would work on an E model. I want to make it street legal. Assuming I will need a switch of sorts. Then ....
  7. I was able to rotate the carb enough after i removed the throttle cable bracket. Getting the spacer behind the bracket was a challenge, but no more so than the back two screws on the float bowl. The hex screws paid for themselves right there though. I haven't moved the clip up a notch as I'm taking the bike out, about a 1,000 feet lower in altitude and want to see how it runs there. Thanks for the help.
  8. I just installed the JD kit + 3x3 in my previously unmodded DRZ, except for the 14 tooth front sprocket. Test riding @ 5,500-6,500 feet in southern Utah. Did not get the big boost in power as expected, so I switched to blue needle 3rd clip. This gave an improvement, but still not optimal, I'm thinking it might still be a little rich as no choke was needed this am. So which way should I move the clip, up or down. Thinking maybe changing the jet to 145 instead of 150. What do ya'll think. Haven't checked the plug yet, was a little dark with the red needle in. I know if the tank comes off something is gonna change in the carb, I won't just check the plug and let it go. Enough rambling, sorry.
  9. yah! i second that. thanks also.
  10. I'm at almost 6,000 feet, and very interested in the final settings also. thanks
  11. One of my brothers has the DR and the other has the KLR. After riding both I chose the DRZ and it rules. I didn't like either of theirs for different reasons they are definitely not the same bike
  12. 50 with an 06 S. A good dirt ride is exercise. Keep on truckin. If I had the money an sm would be nice second bike.
  13. I'm running a 135 jet on my stock S now. So I think the high altitude people will need to get more jets. Starting out at 6,000 feet in S Utah. Just my 2 cents worth. Probably will get the dj kit since the JD is so new unless I hear different. Thanks