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    Don't let children lead!!

    I agree that "woods" riding is impossiable to see 200 yards but I am talking about desert single track......Rule is if you are riding on a weekend or a busy ohv area always be aware or teach your kids the rules! Its kinda like the tool that always rides trough your camp in fifth gear its usally the guy that his parents did'nt teach him the rules of safe riding
  2. 1fastkx266

    Don't let children lead!!

    Let me get this straight....You the "adult" where in the middle of the trail approaching a hill? I would hope that more "adult riders follow the rules of the trail it kinda like driving you stay on you side and I will stay on mine. I'm glad the kid was ok, but as far as not having them in front of you when you ride is not safe for one if you get separated from them how do you know where they went? If you want to ride up front look further than the hill your on and try looking about 200 yards ahead for dust or riders coming.....maybe the real "kid" is you?
  3. 1fastkx266

    moving to Lancaster, CA

    LOL you found me out Yeah they love the section 8 up here its getting a little old
  4. 1fastkx266

    moving to Lancaster, CA

    Yes the homes are nice on the east side but the neighbors are what IM worried about
  5. 1fastkx266

    moving to Lancaster, CA

    300K Right now on the west side your looking at 360K for 2000 sq ft
  6. 1fastkx266

    How many of you are switching back to 2-stroke?

    I went from a yz426 to a kx250 bored out to a 266......I will never go back to those heavy pigs.
  7. 1fastkx266

    Wagon Wheel Staging Area - D37?

    Hmmm.......I knew someone that seperated there shoulder at wagon wheel that required a bolt, That wouldnt be you would it