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  1. Dale Wickline

    Just Got It What should I do to it.

    He means check the valves. They probably won't need adjusting.
  2. Dale Wickline

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    It is
  3. Dale Wickline

    2008 Husky Gathering 6-7 Sept

    Cool Joe hope to see you in September. PM me if you need help.
  4. Dale Wickline

    Help Desperately Required ?George?

    I wouldn't
  5. Dale Wickline

    Help Desperately Required ?George?

    Sooooooo, is it time for a group hug or...........
  6. Dale Wickline

    What are the seats on the 08 TE's like?

    A good pair of padded riding shorts sure do help, but they do with most dirt bikes I guess.
  7. Dale Wickline

    08 TE250 front end Squirrely at speed

    WD-40 or most any spray lube will work. Static balancing also helps. What tire pressure are you running? My 2006 came way overinflated. try 12-14 lbs. as a starting point. HTH
  8. Dale Wickline

    Lowering 07 TE250 - Q's

    You might want to post this in the suspension 4m.
  9. Dale Wickline

    Own a 2008 TE, what color is your spark plug?

    You need to do a proper plug chop. Warm it totally up, ride at a sustained RPM, pull the clutch and hit the kill button. You can do this at various RPM's.
  10. Dale Wickline

    Oil weeping....other notes on my TXC450

    Definitely don't be quick to judge your new Husky. They get alot better with time on them . George recommends to not touch anything till you have at least 500 miles. Of course you want to set the sag and generally check the bike over for lose bolts, etc. Nothing special just the stuff you would (should ) do with any new bike. When you take the bike to George listen and heed any and all advice/instructions that he freely gives. He is the foremost and most valuable asset Husqvarna has in the states in my humble opinion. Enjoy and report back.
  11. Dale Wickline

    THE REMATCH!!!! Riding The Rincon Trail The Hard Way

    Awesome stuff and great ride report. Looks like you gents will be first in line for a Husky Trials bike. Gotta make it out there.
  12. Dale Wickline

    The Average Chick’s Review of 07 TE250

    I'm 5'9" 28" inseam and the 1" lowering fits me good. Sent the suspension to John Curea (suspension moderator) of MX TECH and he dialed the suspenders in and lowered them. Really makes a difference on tight switch backs, off camber and really everywhere. I'm using alot of the travel and can't remember bottoming at all. Ground clearance is fine and the kick stand works good also. Sit on your bike and put various thicknesses of wood on the ground and put your feet on them to get an idea of what you may want. I wouldn't recommend going over 1". Coffee went 1.5" and I believe it is almost too much. Anyone considering a lowering job that are local to me are welcome to hook up and try mine out. The process is reversible if desired.
  13. Dale Wickline

    The Average Chick’s Review of 07 TE250

    Good report. I lowered my 2006 1" and it really made a difference to me in the gnarley stuff. My bike also gets better and better with miles. Really likes to rev and keeping it in the mid-upper range gets things going quickly. Surprised you havent put a mid-pipe guard on. Maybe your riding style doesn't require it. Keep on getting and make hubby pay dearly for "borrowing" it.
  14. Dale Wickline

    The Official 'Thank You Coffee' Thread

    Give the man a raise.