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  1. coming from an xr600 i'd be shocked if you think the 300 needs a big bore kit. 2 strokes are a lot different then your old thumper. ;0)
  2. I'm super picky and have had not so good experience with other tuners. But John and Les both never disappoint. Glad you went and got it done, I agree, his wisdom and knowledge is worth the money.
  3. always wanted to try those carbs.. may get one for the GG just for the hell of it..
  4. it's growing on me in a big way.. had some growing pains at first. I do much prefer the husky motor of course that part stands true. But the Beta is a decent bike.
  5. it'll all got worked out. Yes I was bummed, but am finding issues on new bikes the norm lately. We have a garage full of them. lol.. I really love my GG, battery issues aside, and now that my Beta is sorted it's really growing on me.
  6. that was it.. cutting the peg mounts and rewelding + repainting was 1k bucks. But am extremely happy with the job. Looks factory. Note this was on my beta 500 NOT my GG 300. The GG I have had some battery issues, but the build quality is amazing!
  7. oh.. sorry didn't realize you were one of those guys.. you know the ones.. that take shit super serious, even though my post said just kidding..
  8. you are correct, so it may be comparing apples to oranges... never the less my Beta has been retired to its intended purpose of a dual sport. Where my GG is the woods weapon.
  9. yeah, had it on the 300 for a second. I REALLY didn't like it on that bike.
  10. That's a tough question. I feel it rides more like the beta than a ktm. I actually have 1 of them all here at my house. My Beta and GasGas and my kids KTM 250. The KYB's are really good once you spring them right. Like any bike really if you don't spring them right you are chasing your tail for years. now that I have springs on my GasGas and Beta both, I think the sachs on my Beta is a little 'softer' feeling. Kind of like you'd be afraid of hitting a HUGE jump. It soaks up little stuff extremely well, like amazing actually.. but the bigger hits it just feels soft and a little out of control. Now the KYB on the GasGas after spring change is freaking amazing. Handling is killer, can't feel most tiny rocks at all, and you can launch of stuff and it feels like you will never bottom them out. Note I have done zero revalving on them and actually don't feel like I need to yet. It truly is the king of play bikes in my opinion. Rocks I would avoid before I literally go looking to hit now!
  11. I need to take a picture of the bill I got from the machinist I hired to straighten pegs. My left was 1" taller then my right. Thermostat leaked after about 40 miles.. wiring.. yeah that whole thing blows. Saying all that after I got it all sorted I do like my Beta a lot. I just love my 18 gasgas more, and haven't had any issues with it at all, sans a crap Li battery it ships with.
  12. I'm digging mine. Really love the way the bike is put together and it just works well. I have had a lot of GasGas bikes over the years, this one by far the best one yet. I also have a 16 Beta 500, 4t to 2t of course, but feel the GasGas has a far superior build quality. I have had numerous issues with my beta in the first few hundred miles.
  13. I actually started this thread due to the 'dead' heavy feeling and having to drop my front forks. Last weekend I took both my Beta and my new 18 GasGas 300 to our local riding hole and rode them back to back, at that point I realized very quickly the fatty is out.. I get it, TONS of people rave about them, but for me and my riding style, they just don't feel right to me.
  14. live tonight endurocross.com at 630pst..
  15. From Jeff Slavens site. Note it's 4 ply. Features FIM approved enduro MX version is the all-round enduro compound with a soft carcass for increased traction Sizes: 80/100-21 51R, 90/90-21 54R, 90/100-21 Fatty 4 ply carcass Slavens Racing recommends the 90/90-21 216 MX for rocky/rooty terrain