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  1. Washington

    oh yeah forgot about that one!
  2. Washington

    FYI.. watch the tree hanging over the trail ride at helmet height, 1/2 way up tooler. Been there for a few weeks, at least since Webfoot. Almost knocked myself out yesterday..
  3. My opinion still stands. If you are hitting your fender or your header with your front tire, it's not the tire. It's the springs. I know a lot of people refuse to change their suspension but you are seriously bottoming out big time if you are hitting things with your tire. Save your money on all that blingy shit, and use it for proper springs and possibly valving if you need it, you'll be 1000x better off.. I watched a post of fb the other day of a guy having suspension troubles. he was about 300lbs with stock springs. But had thousands of dollars of bling on his bike, like spoke wraps, etc. LOL.
  4. yeah, that seems like other issues. IMO if you front tire is hitting you header and/or your fender you need fat boy springs. ;)..
  5. So I still stand behind my initial statement between GG and Beta. But the more I add it up, the more it's not working out. I believe the gg to be far superior than my beta without a doubt. BUT.. when it comes to pinching pennies, this isn't the bike that gets you there. I love my GG, but stuff like no tools included with the bike and no spark arrestor on the EC model is making my nice shiny new GasGas look way less attractive. I rode my Beta yesterday since I got 'caught' with my ec in the woods with no spark arrestor. Apparently I have to buy a brand new pipe before I can even ride my ec in the woods. What gets me about this, is that I bought the EC not the XC. The xc being a closed course competition bike, ec being the woods bike, but they ship with a non spark arrested pipe, so before you can even use the bike in the woods you must buy a new pipe. Ok, so a few hundred, but wait I just spent almost 10k on my bike that was meant for the woods.. Doesn't add up and I'm starting to get more frustrated. :(..
  6. we do the trials circuit as well, matter of fact my 7yo took home a first place trophy today. The Puget Sound Trialers group has really been putting in a ton of work up there.
  7. reiter isn't bad, especially if you go up past the gate, ride for about 3 miles towards the end past all the quad trails, and there is a couple of little loops back there my son used to LOVE when he was on his 50. Best part is you can see them the whole time from the main fs road. It's not really great for adult riders as not a lot of stuff out there yet but the kids love it. And there is plenty of FS roads that are behind the locked gates that are perfectly safe for young ones.
  8. beta is worth about a grand less. Shit build quality on the betas. I have both a beta and a 18 gasgas. Gladly paid the premium for the gasgas the build quality is outstanding. There has not been 1 hiccup with my Gasgas. Beta frame was welded incorrectly had to pay a machinist to get it right, thermostat leaked from Day 1, wiring harness chaffed and split within the first hundred miles, low fuel light is on all the time, and the list goes on and on. I've now fixed all my beta issues and the bike is stellar, but about 1000 bucks into it with fixes. Makes it actually more than my gasgas.
  9. got it covered. thanks! Budd is the man (aka gasgaspartsguy).. talked me out of buying springs for the moment and talked me into trying some settings that he likes. Just need more seat time again. :).. http://www.gasgaspartsguy.com/browse.htm?shopBy=-35997
  10. My GasGas actually turns much sharper, the handling is different. But the gasser is a 300 2t, the Beta a 500 4t. So kind of apples and oranges. My beta after upgrading the springs is super plush now and handles the rocks awesome. The GasGas I had some input this morning from a GasGas retailer that explained how to tweak the suspension a bit to get rid of the initial 'hit' I get on the gasgas. And yes.. The GasGas is definitely taller in the rear.
  11. 18 has significantly smoother motor, and a slightly better estart. My 14 300 estart rarely worked right. My 18 hasn't missed a beat.. yet. ;)...
  12. Anyone with an 18 source heavier springs yet?
  13. digging mine. Although I need to get the suspension sorted asap.
  14. 18 300..