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  1. yeah, good point.. super odd.. ;).. but the lighter side.. it's a BEAST after changing a few things around.. runs smoother as way more pull..
  2. WOW.. lucky for me, it was simply an emission thing that i was blocking off anyways. That's terrible for your deal.. bet you were bummed.
  3. That's a really great idea, unfortunately the extractor was deep in a hole and recessed into the brass spigot threads at that. You can see the image a few posts up above. Currently it's not coming out unless I take my motor apart. I've got it QuickSteel'd at the moment, so it's not really a moving part and is only plugging a vacuum line hole, that i removed with the rest of my emissions system.
  4. GasGas went back to the factory. They replaced 2 bikes, and I finally had it. They are great bike, but have fundamental issues, that can't be fixed.
  5. I read about that thing.. but.. reality is.. if i had to do that I would have to take the motor apart, since i wouldn't want any metal debris in the intake, or maybe shove a rag down it's throat first.. . The intake is part of the cylinder on this bike. so top end, etc would all have to come out. Considering it only has 3 miles on it i probably won't do that right now. If/When it needs a rebuild maybe. ;).. Or if my hack fix fails I'll do it right.
  6. Done, with fingerprint so they know what dumbass did it. ;). I have a TON of more work to do to this thing, so it'll get a few days to cure. Thanks for the tip..
  7. At Napa right now, Walmart only had the jb versions
  8. Which one of these do you think is equivalent?
  9. I actually have some of that here on my shelf at home. Thanks for the reply. I may do just that.
  10. Broke the brass spigot off of my intake while doing the emissions delete. Then just to make it really fun, broke the easy out while trying to get it out. Totally screwed on my bike with 3 miles on it.. :(.. NO idea what to do now.
  11. Planned on it, until I broke the brass spigot on my intake on my 18 501. :(.. Now i'll be looking at my bike all weekend, wonder WTF i do now..
  12. Doing the emissions delete on my 18 501 and the brass spigot on the intake is Loctite'd in or something.. I'm usually very careful but ended up snapping the head off of it. To make matters worse, I broke an easy out in there as well... SO screwed and totally frustrating on a bike with 3 miles on it. :(.. Now comes the question. What do i do? The intake is part of the head, so replacement is above my ability and cost prohibitive. This particular 'mod' is simply to stop the intake from getting air, so do you think JB Weld or filling it with High Temp RTV is a valid idea? The easy out is stuck, no way that's coming out, and obviously the brass is threaded in there super tight, so my uneducated thought is that just plug it up someway and call it a day. It actually looks like from the second picture that they used High Temp RTV to set the brass spigot in there in the first place, which is likely what's causing it to stick so much. Fill it up and forget it? Any suggestions are welcome!!!
  13. I actually don't know, how do i tell? I've had a few 2t's over the years, but mostly have had 4strokes..