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  1. Taliesin

    Juha Salimen's new ride

    This is BMW trying to get their investment back on all the money they spent on the G450X.They ran a big budget assault on the WEC last year. David Knight, walked away from a big money contract because the bike was not good enough.Salimen stuck it out but obviously he feels the Husqvarna chassis is a better option or they would not be trying it.I feel it is a pity BMW were not flexible enough to have put Knighter on the Husky 510 in the WEC then we would have taken some great results.They kept the budgets seperate but pumped all the money into the BMW side.Hoping they could take some of KTM's success quickly.But they missed the point Husky has it all already, a great product range, history and the dealers. Husqvarna needs a big race programme to bring back big sales, this is where they need to push.The potential for growth is enormous. I hope BMW as the owners of Husky is not using its muscle to push the G450X engine on us palming it off as a new technology, just to recoupe their investment .The Husqvarna DOHC motors are excellent and are more than up to the job, I see nothing better in the G450X motor.Unless BMW see it cheaper to produce ??? It's all about $$. The BMW G450X will never sell in big numbers, 95% of BMW dealership are geared up for the premium road bike side not dirt bikes.This is why it had flopped here in Europe.It maybe a good bike,it should be it's been in development for 4 years. Come on BMW put some big budget teams together like KTM have done and the sales success will come easy.Forget the G450X it's going no where.
  2. Taliesin

    water in gearbox

    Change the seal,removable bush on the shaft and both the bearings.I tend to find the play in the bearings and worn bushes, causes the coolant to get in there.The same layout exists on the present WR250/300.
  3. Taliesin

    Husky 100mm head gasket

    For sure you need to speak to Steve in HM racing or Paul at Motosupplies I know they had some 100mm gaskets made a couple of years ago.They got a genuine 75 hp at the rear wheel from 601cc 100mm!
  4. A can't see why they bothered with the DOHC when the SOHC design has worked fine for all them years.DOHC is more expensive to make, all the 610 motor needed was more cubes it's possible to get a 102 mm piston in there and stroke it a little to 84mm this would make a 686cc. That would be the daddy!
  5. Taliesin

    wre de-restriction

    I would advise the WR ignition but the crank taper is different on the WRE. Also when does the servo open the power valves?
  6. Taliesin

    WR250 Clutch Needed

    Prox list a replacement clutch basket for you Husky WR/CR 250 years 00+ Don't think the basket has changed from the early 1990's as the clutch plates are all the same. Also Talon Eng here in the UK make billet baskets for the 410/570/610 the baskets look the same as the 2 stroke 250 but not had to change one myself on the 250's so can't be 100%
  7. Taliesin

    Sebastine Guillaume Wins WEC GP of Wales!

    Strange thing is where are the official WR300 pictures for 09.Dealers here in the UK had to put their orders in for the 09 models yesterday.But nobody has seen a picture of the WR300 from Husky.
  8. Taliesin

    Sebastine Guillaume Wins WEC GP of Wales!

    There's a good video of the event on www.Enduronews.co.uk Shows Seb cresting the rock face on the Extream test best of luck for him in his home race in France this weekend.Hopefully he & Meo can get some more sucess.The WR300 sounded sweet. Last time the World Enduro was in Wales UK 1999 Steffan Merriman won it on the Husky WR360.I saw Merriman on the Podium he finished 3 rd on the Aprilia commenting the event was the toughest this year but that is how enduro's should be. Anders Erickson stopped & told my mate (Marshalling on the day) thank you boys for putting on a great tough event like old enduro's.
  9. Husky so some reason don't list any seals for the calipers for years now.
  10. Taliesin

    '08 TE610ie footpeg fix - urgent!!!

    I recommend fitting forged staineless steel foopegs made by Cemoto.They are Yamaha YZ fittment.You will need to file down the slightly to get them to fit, lot tougher than the standard steel ones. Also Raptor Pegz in titanium these are both wide & very tough.Never clog I've used these for over 4 years the same set! www.adaptx.co.uk/index.html
  11. Taliesin

    Would you buy a TExxx-W ?

    7 Speed is no good.There is a ruling which limits the ammount of gears to 6.This is in the FIM/AMA rules. That why all bikes including road bikes etc only have max 6 gears.These rules came in the after 1967 when Honda had 5 cylinder 125 4strokes which reved to 22,000 rpm & 8 speed gearboxes etc. They also limited gp bikes to max 4 cylinders etc.This was all done to stop the costs spiralling out of control. I agree the 6 speed box on the TE's is too low a few extra mph in 5 th & 6 th.Couple of 2-3% in each would be great. You cannot swap any gears from the 5 speed TC box to the TE 6 speed box etc.As some people keep suggesting.
  12. Taliesin

    Oil weeping....other notes on my TXC450

    Don't forget a New engine is tight & they start better after some break in time.
  13. Taliesin

    i need help finding this...

    Don't forgot to change the phosphorus bronze bush the clutch runs on.These wear our quick causing problems leading to damage .Always a problem on Franco Morini S5 engines
  14. Taliesin

    carrillo rods

    They have never made a fitment for the 570.Only for the earlier 610 years 1991-98.Nobody has made an aftermarket rod for the 570.
  15. Well Wossner do a forged aftermarket piston kit half the price off Genuine Husky