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    Is a YZ 250 F right for me?

    I got a question about what size bike i would be better off on, first my height is 5'10 and i weight 138 lbs, i just sold my 07 rmz 450 and i bought a 08 yz 250 f , i sold the 450 because i would get wore out fast in my races and always finish second or third instead of first because i had nothing left in the tank,i would get the holeshot and lead for the first two or three laps then i would start to fade,so i got the 250 F , but i never rode one only seen others at the track racing them , did i make the right choice by switching or should i stayed on the 450? thanks guys
  2. hi, this is my first post and i hope im doing this right, i just bought a 99 yz 250 used and it ran great the first couple rides whenthe whether was around 65-75.i changed the radiator fluid and now it runs flat on top and wants to dye out and it does,then i have to tow it with a car to get it started.Its now fouling the plug but the plug will be wet,also its now 85-95 degrees outside when i did this,i thick its the jetting but im not sure.Ithought at first it was because it had a br9es plug instead of a br8eg that it calls for,but it does it with that plug too. Any iteas? any info will be great ,Jason