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  1. iason755

    Rear Shock Linkage FROM 450R

    I hit a rock at my 07 450x Shock Linkage and I need a new one at ebay there are many but all are for 450r . The part numbers arent the same but its possible to be ok. Has anybody can confirm it?
  2. iason755

    starter clutch problem

    I opened the R cover and I take off the starter clutch . It seems to work ok in my hand . I looked into the one way clutch ,but nothing weird for me Install the again tested and everything was ok Close the cover and after some kicks it does it again!
  3. iason755

    starter clutch problem

    I have a 07 crf450x and 2 month before I had sometimes proplem with the stater . Some times worked some times no . I thought that battery must be the reason. and I used the kickstarter , But at my last 2-3 rides when I kick it I can hear the starter turns with ,after 2-3 kick it disengage and the motor start normaly. Had someone have the same problem ? What part can cause something like that? Thanks http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.asp?partcategory=533133&manufacturer=3&category=3&year=2007&model=12188
  4. sorry but what if when kick it and the starter engage ? Because I have exactly this problem
  5. iason755

    needing a little advice

    For me and my style 13/49 on my crf is the best choice for tight woods . but I am clutch abuser
  6. iason755

    Safe shimming?

    With zero left intake bike started normally . I have put new intakes valves starts again normally. Weird but true.
  7. iason755

    2009 rear spring

    Thanks for the replies. Its a 450 and difference is 10 mm
  8. iason755

    2009 rear spring

    I have order springs for my 2007 crf and when order had arrived I realize that the rear spring is for 2009 model (a Little sorter) When I asked the dealer he said that will be ok for my bike . And the old part numbers have superceeded. Know something about that? Thanks
  9. iason755

    crf450x valves marks confusion

    Thanks dstollys for the info . You are correct. I open the side cover and.... Threre are punch marks on both sides in the same places mirrored. But One side has one more little punch mark . So the side with 2 mark is the right side.
  10. iason755

    crf450x valves marks confusion

    Sorry for my English. The mark on the crankshaft with the mark on the flywheel arent keeping with . Or else are different. With the piston on TDC the cam is ok the flywheel mark is ok BUT THE mark on the primary gear isnt align with the mark on the cover. The question now is: the primary gear is it possible to put on the crancshaft on the other side , and has it marks (punch) on both sides? Thanks
  11. iason755

    crf450x valves marks confusion

    Backwards ? So there is a punch mark on both sides?
  12. iason755

    crf450x valves marks confusion

    Yesterday i had planed to make the valves of my 07 450x . With the crankshaft hole cap removed i turned the crank until the punch alingn this the mark on the cover . Checked on the other side the T on the flywheel . and ...No marks on side. I have made valves many times and always double check mark on flywheel and crankshaft.and cam. Now The cam marks ,the lobes of the cam ,the piston -checked from the sparkplug hole all was right the flywheel marks . the mark on the crank was 45 " about before . One month before i had my bike on a local shop to check it because the starter had stuck and i want to check the starter gear They had primary drive gear off the bike . Is this possible to primary drive gear to be in other possision than one ? If not what have happened? The bike work with no problems . And lastly I have made valves -new shims - with the marks on the flywheel and the bike works perfect . thanks
  13. iason755

    E-Start button replacement

    I have put on my bike one from a ktm 530 After paid for a new starter from a stack on the old crf button. Its smaller and more waterproof from the original http://www.ktmcyclehutt.com/ktm-parts/ktm-parts.php?sku=63011074000&title=KTM-Starter-Button&year=&ktm-model=&category=Cables&fitment=atv
  14. iason755

    bypassing crf450x clutch swithch

    OR put a waterproof switch on this wire . I have put a switch now after I fried my starter.
  15. iason755

    cam chain installation

    Thanks cubera for your reply. If its hard to press the cam in ... so it is normal the cam chain to be tight and without the tensioner installed