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  1. A 130 tire will rob your bike from alot of its power stick with the 120
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you bolt the airbox to the subframe before you bolt it to the air boot thing
  3. my problem with 2 was that when i had the airbox all on the subframe didnt have eneough room to get down to where it bolts on...the airbox was too wide for the subframe to get by. do i just need to force it or should it go past the airbox fairly easy
  4. well after 3 months of my bike just sitting in pieces i have finally taken the time to start putting it back together i need to put the air box on ... but i need to know which goes first. 1. lower the sub frame then somehow get the air box where it is supposed to be inside the area for it or 2. leave the sub frame up bolt on the air box then lower the sub frame i have the sub frame bolted on now but i cant get the air box where it is supposed to go maybe I'm just not trying hard enough?
  5. where is sand pits is it off pioneer road in south lake? whats it close too
  6. i have the factory 4.1 and they do have seperate quiet core thing for the 4.1 its called a rev tube... might be the same for factory 4
  7. 700ccs is about how much of a quart . 70? i measure it out by the billy who man funnel but its for the 250 not 450
  8. can anyone give me the recomended specs for the oil straight out of owners manuel for engine and transmission. i need it quick so my brother can go riding tommorow..
  9. i have the factory 4.1 only bad thing is it has no spark arrestor
  10. baja designs has them for 20 thats where i got mine works fine http://www.bajadesigns.com/
  11. why ups
  12. when mounted on the bars do they vibrate alot while riding
  13. how do you like your gps im thinking of buying one myself
  14. one more thing just to make sure i have everything before i do it...in the directions it says i need to use the "special Crf250x needle tool provided with the bike to remove the needle" well... i never got a needle puller, can i use something else to take it out or do i need to go buy a needle puller thing
  15. i have the jd jetting kit and im about to install it..is there anything i need to look out for.... i have my bike in pieces already with the airbox cut. About how long do you think it takes to install the kit for someone whos never touched a carburetor before..