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  1. wwillcox

    Differences between California S and regular S

    Ok so sounds like the carb is the same as well. The bike is an 01 so from what I have read I will need to work on the supension. What year RM forks will work on the 01 DRZ? Also will the Ohlins shock for the DRZ work on the S? I would assume so but any one that might have more info that would be great. thanks
  2. I am considering a DRZ400S that came out of California. I live in Texas and would probably want to remove all teh CA specific parts. What would those be and how hard would it be to do? thanks
  3. wwillcox

    Battery Disgust

    You need a battery tender not a charger. These are special battery chargers that will stop charging the battery after it reaches full capactiy. If you use a gel cell battery you need a special tender for them I have heard.