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  1. i was wondering if anyone has the nate adams monster graphics on black plastics? thanks
  2. carterdawson

    raglan haresrambles

    i was wondering if anyone has raced the raglan haresramble?, where abouts is the track located.
  3. carterdawson

    Pics of XR's

  4. carterdawson

    new graphics kit :)

    factory effex graffix and seat cover
  5. carterdawson

    2004 xr250r

    bethany sand dunes
  6. carterdawson

    The berm and the jump.

    or you could put a kicker about half way on the hill and do a little step up
  7. carterdawson

    The berm and the jump.

    make a transfer out of that hill, or put a kicker on the flat above the hill and use the hill as a landing.
  8. carterdawson

    XR400 front number plate

    i was wondering how and where you attached it on, did you use zip ties? ive got a front plate for a cr125 will that be the same? thanks
  9. carterdawson

    Lets see the xr's!

  10. carterdawson

    2004 Honda xr250

    Renthal bars