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  1. They seem to take pride in everything they build. I have a "Minox" camera (spy camera) from germany that was made in the fifties. The craftsmanship on this thing is incredible.
  2. carder

    pivot works customer service

    Excellent,thanks for sharing that. I have an old 1993 ceiling fan,vent in my rv (made by Fantastic Fan) and these guys have replaced my broken motors,switches,etc. for free about 3 times now over the years,wow. I always put in a plug for them when given the chance.
  3. Semi hijack. In high school auto class I bet my teacher that I could pour a quart of water down the carb in a certain amount of time (can't remember time) and keep the engine running. Funny as hell scene in class. I won that bet but you should have seen the pile of carbon under the tailpipe (water works good) (probably hell on valves) but it was a 1966 Rambler POS so I didn't care much.
  4. carder

    Broken swing arm pivot bolt

    Of course all the usual common sense things first,grease,no burrs etc. But I would pull the bolt before it breaks so you can look for clues as to why and where the break begins, kinda CSI work. Look for twisting,shearing,cracking etc.
  5. I could be totally wrong and I'm at work (so no manual) but by memory the point gap should be around .016 or so?
  6. Actually I don't see any drains? Hmmm.
  7. From my research the tankless heaters require alot of juice,in fact in my house (1969) it's not possible without adding another sub panel and another line from my provider here. You could just go with a big electric (50 gal. or so) and just use one. Should you do it,hell yeah. It would only add to your enjoyment and if I were the future buyer I'd like that added feature. And I totally agree with the beer thing,etc.,etc. In fact load up on beer,invite over some buddys and dig out those small rooms by hand, you'd save a ton. Also beware of drains in the floor, if it's a shop those things can also become flammable, trust me, a friend of mine when we were kids dropped a match down one and removed his facial skin completely. Good luck on the project.
  8. carder

    Another Cool Vintage Build: 1979 YZ250

    I am currently restoring a 1976 Honda TL125 (trials) bike and I just realized my work sucks! Well compared to Mark. Good luck on this build, you do fine work. Hmmmm, what do I need fabbed at the moment?
  9. carder

    Rust in fuel tank.

    Hmmm. It looks pretty good now but as usual I'm not satisfied. Pure vinegar or phospheric acid? Right now it's happy with some 2 stroke oil and gas but I need to do a redo. Thanks guys,probably too much info here. I'll post some results.
  10. carder

    Rust in fuel tank.

    Wow I am a glutten for punishment here. Seeing the gas tank is in really excellent shape (paint job included) I did not want to acid the paint by accident. And the dryer is used constantly by my wife even though the 2 of us don't create any laundry, (stop ramblin) Heres the bad news, I filled up the tank with COKE, yes coke,for 2 days,then hot soap,etc.,then CLR & some other shit (as advertised by Dr. Laura I think) .It's lookin pretty good in there, I think I'll repeat the process once again cause what else is there to do? You can rip me anytime now but I have used Coke quite a few times now and it works good. Merry Xmas guys and Merry Xmas to ?????????
  11. carder

    Rust in fuel tank.

    I like it! Unfortunately my wife is homebound (broken ankle) and I'm sure to be busted (of course she can't catch me). Honestly I don't think she would care at all. And I have a bunch of small spaghetti stones from my real tumbler. I also might try the other ideas first (acid). Thanks guys,happy holidays!!!
  12. carder

    Rust in fuel tank.

    What's your method? It's not that bad. Again like my sprocket post I have ideas on this but value others opinions, why not? Any day I can learn something is a productive day. Thanks.
  13. carder

    True up or straighten a rear sprocket?

    What did that mean? Sarcastic I'm sure but what. (I own 12 guns,I live in Arizona,don't break into my house!!!) Sounds like maybe a new sprocket it's just I figured it would be hard to find and a 1 up would cost alot. I've worked in a machine shop for the last 30 years,I'm not sure how that would help me straighten my sprocket? It's not that out of true and in 3rd gear I think I could outwalk the thing so perfect is probably not necessary so I thought I would give it a shot myself. Thanks.
  14. I'm sure I could figure out how to do this but there would be blood,swearing,blaming others,excess drinking etc. But does allow me to tell the wife (honey just let me true up this sprocket and I'll be right back,ok?) Anyway I bought this cool 1976 Honda TL125S trials bike to fix up during the holidays cause my wife had broken ankle surgery yesterday and I will be Fking bored so I will restore this sucker and learn how to ride trials (the old fashioned way) And my original question is, how do I make it true? what's your technique? I have tried all kinda shit over the years but never came up with anything earthshaking so let's roll here! (new replacement does not exist)
  15. When driving out pin back it up with a very small socket or a piece of scrap steel with a small hole in it. Otherwise you might screw up the plate on the bottom and you'll feel worse than drfeelgood.