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  1. fenderstrat

    Corbin Seat\Lowering links need info

    Good post. I've used the kouba #1 on two of my dr350s and found that the bike handled BETTER with the kouba links. I would love for that to be the case here but...??? I'm 5'7" 140 lbs and have been in love with the drz since it came out but it's so damn big!
  2. fenderstrat

    DR350 passenger pegs

    Anything less than welding mounting tabs could be dangerous for you and the passenger.
  3. fenderstrat

    DR350 passenger pegs

    There are no mounts on the dirt model frame for passenger pegs. You could rig something but the bike will really suck 2-up.
  4. fenderstrat

    Worried about not having a kick start

    Bump starting a drz isn't the end of the world. I went on a 5 day ride in may across new mexico and colorado (got humbled by the rockies at 12k') and we repeatedly left the little ipod stereo hooked up too long around the campfire and had a dead battery in the morning. Bump starting wasn't even an issue. Unless you're planning on extended rides in soft sand, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  5. fenderstrat

    Just got back from looking at an '01 DRZ400S...

    You already posted this in the drz400 forum.
  6. fenderstrat

    Acerbis 6.6 TANK FOR 04 WR450

    I wish we had seen this before ordering the acerbis. The price is steep but probably worth it. I like the dual petcocks. Can anyone confirm that this tank fits the pre-05 wr450?
  7. fenderstrat

    Acerbis 6.6 TANK FOR 04 WR450

    The tanks are NOT the same. No one seems to know about a retro fit on the '04 (I spoke with acerbis USA several times)...seems like some of the desert guys would chime in here. I guess we'll find out next week.
  8. fenderstrat

    Acerbis 6.6 TANK FOR 04 WR450

    Yeehaw! Ramblin will be the guinea pig. We ordered one for his '04 and will make that dude fit. We'll let you know after next week.
  9. fenderstrat

    Where to buy acerbis tank?

    How about the acerbis 6.6? I've googled it and haven't seen a straight answer as to whether or not it fits the '04 wr450...anyone? That would be ideal!
  10. fenderstrat

    Where to buy acerbis tank?

    I need the tank NOW! We're doing moab on may 6th and he has to have something bigger than stock. I'll try all of these suggestions and report back. Price doesn't really matter (within reason). edit: it looks like just gas tanks has a '03-'05 tank..does that sound right? Are the '03-'05 tanks compatable?
  11. fenderstrat

    Where to buy acerbis tank?

    I don't do dealers...but I didn't know that the gyt-r was the same. Any other options for that tank? Who's the big yamaha distributor? (I obviously don't own a yamaha lol)
  12. fenderstrat

    Where to buy acerbis tank?

    I can't find the damn things anywhere. I'm trying to help a friend find a bigger tank for his '04 wr450. The TT store doesn't seem to have one but it's tough to navigate so I don't know. Google doesn't even bring one up! The acerbis site says "no match found" when I enter 2004 wr450. Can anyone tell me who sells them?
  13. fenderstrat

    SPEED or AMA: who to blame?

    Somebody around here is doing something right because I watch it every week on speed!
  14. fenderstrat

    New DR650 Owner - questions

    Skid plate: Utah cycle sports, dual star, moose Tires should wear in after 100 miles or so and should feel pretty solid at speed. About washing out....learn to steer with the rear wheel...you'll get it
  15. fenderstrat

    dr650 rear chain guide?

    Scotts appears to make one but their site is funky so I'll call before ordering. Their year/model selection goes to 2001 for all bikes? I know it's the same bike but still....also, no picture or confirmation that they actually even make the part...it just automatically goes to "add to cart" and appears as "2001 dr650 chain guide"