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  1. Thanks SOO much for posting this gents! Saves me a trip to the suspension shop and now I have a tool! Ingenious on your part to make this!
  2. Pull the air cleaner and carefully look inside the carb boot... if there is ANY dirt in there walk away... or take off enough to replace the crank, piston and maybe the cost to replate the cylinder. Remove the oil fill plug and see how clean the crank oil is. should be clean and not full of metallic particles. Look at the bottom of the bike and see if there are any case repairs and if the frame rails are not squished.
  3. esacco

    DR350 Swigarm Flex

    Hi guys I have a 1993 DR350S that I wanted to make nice for trial riding. This stock swing arm is the issue no question! I took .25 alloy and made the pieces out of the flat stock. This took a while as you have to carefully shape them just right. When done I had a friend weld them for me. I did leave the bolts in place that hold the arm to the front portion. When welding the epoxy was cooking pretty well.... we decided to weld the rear arms to the front portion... it worked! I was told it would not as the alloys are different from front to back. We had to clean all the epoxy out with a cutting wheel as best we could. The bike is NIGHT AND DAY different from the stock set up. I have had 4 DR's in my days and I like the bikes... My buddy was with me with his stock XR400 and in a drag race we were neck and neck until I hit 6th gear.... The DR also turns much better than the XR IMO. To be fair my DR350 has the pumper carb with a pipe and his was just stock. You may not need alloy as think as I used... my buddy told me it took a lot longer to weld due to this.... I cant remember what alloy I used... I think it was 5056.... it was the one that is more common yet does not bend as well. The bike now holds a line SO MUCH better... wheelies better and you can power slide with much more control. I have a 500EXC to compare with and I can now say this DR is fun to ride. I have to thank another post out there to give me the inspiration to make this happen!! I almost decided to not do it as it is a lot work and took me about 11 hours total.
  4. BBR suggested that I install a valve cover breather. I did and I do notice more power. I did it on the spark plug side as suggested. The issue I have is some oil does come out even though I have it routed up the frame all the way to the steering stem. I was told by one member to run a PCV valve yet I have not tried that. I do have the BBR 120 kit so the pressure release with the breather is important. I have done all the other mods to airbox and 200X carb. Any advice out there? Thanks!
  5. esacco

    What carb 24 or 26mm for BBR120 kit?

    You are right!! the 200X P62 A or B carb is the best at 24mm. The XL185/200 and ATC 185/200 are all 22mm the same as the XR100 stock. 200x is best power and I got it jetted pretty nice all through the rev band.
  6. esacco

    Registering a BBR frame with the DMV?

    \Are you looking to get it street leagal? They will be looking for an emissions tag if so. I would call baja designs for advice as they know the latest ways to get it done.
  7. esacco

    Does your bike idle rough? - Read this!

    GREAT job so cal!!!
  8. esacco

    What carb 24 or 26mm for BBR120 kit?

    Thanks so much! You helped me big time on the airfilter screen cut and moose drain plug. Did you do the valve cover vent? It is really easy.
  9. I have an 02 XR100 with the BBR120 kit, open airbox, cut filter screen, Uni filter, stock pipe with cut weld in header, baffle in place for low noise, breather in valve cover. What is the better carb overall. The 24mm ATC185/200s or the 26mm ATC200X carb. I have conflicting info on this and wanted to see what you all have found out there. Thanks!!
  10. He is right.. they also have valve issues. The two valve motor is way better..
  11. esacco

    Free power for your xr100

    It really made a NICE difference! Thanks for the advice! If I can find a deal on the BBR pipe that would be next using the stock slilencer.
  12. esacco

    Free power for your xr100

    Thanks! I will post some photos. I know the gearing is high yet I do not want to over rev the motor. You have to ride it to belive it as I feel it pulls it really well with the right RPM. If anything I can just drop to 4th and reduce the speed. Overall it pulls great and I can still power wheelie in 1st and 2nd.. I need to tug on the bars though! You helped me a lot as you did many of the mods I did. Talk soon! Eric
  13. esacco

    Free power for your xr100

    Thanks to all on this site!! Great info really appreciated! I have a street leagal xr100 2002 so I needed more top speed. I did the following: BBR 120 kit 24mm carb 35/15 gearing cut airfilter screen Uni filter cut air box The last mods I did which were free were: Cut the weld flush inside the header of the pipe. Added a breather on the spark plug side of the valve cover. I used a 3/8 inch brass plummers elbow and clear hose and some foam stuffed in the end of the hose as a filter. I ran the hose up the frame so the oil will not flow out from residual blow by. I drilled the elbow out for better flow and used the largest tubing I could get that fit the elbow. I drilled the cover with a one inch drill bit and then dremmeled it to just a tight fit. I then JB welded it in and the outlet needs to face towards the front of the bike. It is the only way to route it so it runs up the frame to keep the oil from running out. If you are pro you can get a plummers tap for the elbow. This was recommended by BBR. This really frred up the pressure in the motor. These last two mods made a significant difference!!! I hit an honest 60 mph on a slight downhill and 50 on the way back. It is now perfect for general street use. Thanks guys!!
  14. esacco

    what is best exhaust to go with the bbr 120 kit

    I put a 24mm carb off of an xl185s and it is perfect with my BBR120 kit. 28 main 35 pilot, stock pipe, screen cut.