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  1. Rolv

    YZ250F EFI Mapping Database

    Does anybody have anything to say about this?? What i has understand, each step +/- 1,2,3 in the mappingcharts, are a percentage reduction / increase, of the stockmapping. That make sense to me that the results of the mapping should be diffrence between the modelyears... Anybody know anything about this?
  2. Rolv

    YZ250F EFI Mapping Database

    I have read the article about aftermarket exhaust pipes in MXA, july -14. But the picture of the mapsettings, and the text says totally 2 diffrent mappings. Which of them is it they recomend? MXA’S MAP FOR YZ250F AFTERMARKET PIPES During our initial testing of the YZ250F, the map we preferred to use with the stock exhaust system didn’t work with aftermarket pipes. After more testing, we discovered that the aftermarket pipes worked best with the stock ignition timing and slightly richer fuel mapping—typically 1, 1, 1 on the bottom and second row of the chart and 2, 2, 2 on the top row of the fuel-map graph. In colder weather, you might try 2, 2, 2 on the bottom two rows and 3, 3, 3 on the top row. It should be noted that all the aftermarket pipes from FMF, DR.D, HGS, Pro Circuit and Yoshimura are designed around the stock 0, 0, 0 maps.
  3. My new waterpump impeller got the partnumber: 1SM-12450-01 Now i am confused!
  4. Here are my two last bikes (Thumbnails). Sorry för the bad backgrounds on the pictures, i think the messy backgrounds destory the pictures a lot. 2012 2013
  5. Rolv

    MX-shop in Fort Lauderdale?

    Anyone who know a good MX-shop in Fort Lauderdale or in the near neighbourhoods? Are planing a holiday there later this year. Sorry för my bad english, I am from Sweden.
  6. I want to buy colored radiator hose to my bike. But i can`t find it to the 08. Only to 07. Are they going to fit?
  7. I got harder springs in my 06 that I think works very well for me. But Ia am going to puck put a new 08 next week, so I got a few questions. 1. Does the springs from 06 fit my 08? 2. Are they gone work the same good way on my 08 like they do on my 06? Or are ther some diffrents in Fork or shock(??) that are doing that it not works at all? Sorry för my bad english.