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  1. WTG! You made it look easy... but those that have been there know better...
  2. finally getting around to update on our recent rides at GP! A few of us got there a few days early to do a little rock & root elimination.... no doubt a never ending task... but made a small dent... And then a bunch of us rode for 3-days. Kudo's to the the brush work (and more) that has been done! I have been riding GP since the 80's, and this may have been the most brushed out/clean I have ever seen the trails-NICE!!!! WTG to all that spent the time and effort!!!!
  3. Sure, have done that in past sometimes. I just try use the 270/Valley trail as little as possible...
  4. Nice! Do you know about where that is? A wider spot would be even lower water... but that wasnt too bad! Seems like the spot I remember crossing was pretty shallow, but VERY wide... over 100ft!
  5. Pretty sure I have crossed (back in the 80's) the Cispus River somewhere along the section between the bottom of the Tongue Mtn trail east to the bottom of the Blue Lake Ridge trail (#271). Just wondering if there is still a doable crossing when the Cispus is low/late in the season... TIA! (pic below NOT at Gifford)
  6. Thanks for the detail! AND all your work!!!! Will let you know what we get done!
  7. WHERE? East Canyon Ridge (#265) Green Mtn (#110) including Adams crk crossing High Lakes (#116) Boundary (#1), just eastern end near Council Lake Will be camping/riding at Gifford for multiple days later this month and should have at least 1 extra 1/2-day or more to do some work if needed. If anyone knows where (among the trails listed above) there needs some work let me know. And what tools likely needed. Can bring chain-saw/most anything needed. Depending on how much extra time we have, I am open to working other location(s) especially if there is somewhere that has an urgent (is at/near impassable) need to be worked... Others welcome to help/join, PM/DM if interested... Thanks!
  8. Yep-thats the one I remember!!! Is it passable on the uphill side yet? Seems like the south-side (high-side) had a very steep bank with no edge. But that was 2-yrs ago. Thanks for the pix!
  9. Thanks for the detail! Good looking map! Better than the old maps I've been using...
  10. What map was the phone screen-shot from? Was that NatGeo too?
  11. OK, thanks for the NatGeo map info/update! Just been looking for options for some of the newcomers coming along with us older-timers... Yep, well aware of the challenges of GP, been riding there since the 80's! Still try to get back every year!
  12. 28/29/23Rds? Ride the sweet trails of GP most every year (Sept), but missed last yr. In 2016, found the hard way that the 29rd was WIPED just a little north of the bottom of the Rough (#283) Trail. Is it passable on dirt bikes yet? How about the 28 rd (was washed out about 6-8mi down from N. end)? Is the 23rd open/passable clear down to the 90rd? Just wondering for planning in the event of need of short-cut back to camp. Always try to do trail loops, but was doing Langile SOUTH->North... and it takes a while... got down to the Cispus and figured not enough daylight left to get up Devils Staircase/Juniper... So figured take the 29Rd back south back to camp only to find MASSIVE washout! Trails too? Any trails that are impassable? Is the Adams Crk crossing (near Horseshoe Lake) still doable? Plan to ride the majority of the trails later this month... TIA! Riding DOWN the South face on Langile much easier... (a couple yrs earlier) 🤣
  13. Is the screenshot/map below an Avenza/other Map? I see lots of Gifford maps listed on Avenza, just not sure which one this is! TIA!
  14. USFS finally posts Public Use Restrictions Lifted for GPNF Date(s): Sep 14, 2015 - Oct 4, 2015 [just showed up on my RSS feed this morning] The Forest Order restricting campfires, motorized vehicles on trails, smoking, and internal combustion engines has been lifted. Recent cooler weather conditions in conjunction with normal seasonal changes have reduced fire danger in the area. Additionally, designated trails are now open to motorized vehicles. Forest visitors are advised to build campfires in established fire pits, remove flammable materials from around the pit, construct campfires away from overhanging vegetation, and keep campfires small. Most importantly, make sure that all campfires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving a campsite.
  15. or this? Another Chuck... (Chuck Steahly) and 3 others of our group of about 8 rode down as well last yr. (curious how that other "Chuck" has the same Number, bike, gear, rider etc... as Steahly... and the same observers up above... I think someone maybe be mistaken on which Chuck this is... (No disrespect to Sun) Just that isnt him...) Not really that bad as long as dryish... Yes, going up is a bit of another story... Going up in 2012 with a little video here... more here, here, here, here and here. But if I remember right, that was the only spot where everyone had to help each other.
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