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  1. tyanke

    choke wont stay out?

    my choke wont stay out on my 05 crf450. just started doing it. works fine if you hold it out. whats up?? Thanks
  2. tyanke

    Should I downsize?

    i have riden both bikes alot. i weigh 155. the 250 is hands down more fun to ride. by like a 1000 percent. however in open class racing it is not competive on the starts and trying to pass 20 bikes in four laps on a bike that doesnt have enough power is impossible . get the 250f you will love it unless you are holeshoting against 450 in motocross
  3. you could melt them down and turn them in for aluminum can money.
  4. tyanke

    ice racing guards

    does anybody know how to build those ice racing tire guards. or buy them.
  5. tyanke

    cold weather jetting???

    do i need to change jetting on my 06 crf450. for riding around 20 degrees. it starts ok just dont want to do engine damage./
  6. tyanke

    thinking of buying a 2005 crf450 ?

    i have a 05 crf450 ill ship to you for 4200 dollars. it is perfect. brand new forks, shock, handlebars, plastic, seat. and other stuff. all this stuff i transfered from my new 06. a few aftermarket upgrades, like Jd jet kit,rear sproket, and blue radadiator hoses. motor has 80 hours with a new piston at 40 hours. valves were perfect. just had them adjusted 2 hours ago and bike runs and starts perfect. i ran bet b in wisconsin. riding very little sand riding and no riding over 90degrees. email if you want pictures/ video. btyanke@charter.net
  7. drill another hold in the mounting bracket of the can and they both will interchange.
  8. tyanke

    06 or 07

    bought the 06, it was basically brand new. now i can take the money and trick it out.
  9. just wondering how different are the 250f forks from the 450f. i have some really great 450f forks i would like to put on a 250f before i sell the 450.
  10. tyanke

    06 or 07

    i got a shot at a 06 crf450 with 5 hours on it for 4700 or a 07 brand new for 5800. what do you guys think?
  11. tyanke

    Stiff clutch pull - need help to soften!

    get a rekluse auto clutch,with perch adaptor, clutch pull is 10 % of what it used to be, even though you will never use it again anyway.
  12. tyanke

    could my pipe ruin my motor?

    that thing is so loud its got to go back and be reconstructed to quiet it down.the pipe is just like an open exhaust now.
  13. I have a 05 crf450 with a thunder alley pipe on it. The pipe has no packing left and is really loud. 107 db at testing. However the thing is like a rocket with it on there. The thing is the bike runs like crap with the pipe on there, except at full throttle. at constant throttle it spit and sputters and pops. sound bad, i was just wondering if the lack of back pressure could wreck the valves really easy especially at high rpm. today i had to panic rev it on a jump and didnt run as good from there on out. by the way i know its too loud im going to send it in to get it quieter this winter.
  14. tyanke

    out for5 weeks.

    last year i rushed a wrist injury and now i pay for it. over a year later and still hurts when i bend it. let it fully heal.
  15. going to use a buddies bone stock 06 crf250 to race my last race of the season. what could i do to help improve it for the race, i plan on pulling my works forks off of my crf450 which includes new tire and oversized rotor. and ill put a new rear tire on. also pull back fire screen and get a cheap air filter. anything else??? jetting?? for sea level at 60 degrees. how about shock settings?? seems like rear end rebounds to fast on bumps on sweeping corners.