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  1. ambdkf

    NCHSA season opener

    Does anyone know when the results will be posted? The website says they are usually up by 10:00pm the day of the race. Maybe they are taking a closer look at the lap times to see if there are any big discrepancies (i.e. course cutting).
  2. ambdkf

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    NCHSA Devil's Ridge. (www.yourrace.com)
  3. ambdkf

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    The tube type.
  4. ambdkf

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    I am just glad that I did not have to pull my bike out of any of the gigantic mud holes that most people got stuck in. The ruts were up to the foot pegs in a lot of spots and the bike just pulled right through them.
  5. ambdkf

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    Did a hare scramble on Sunday with a new Michelin trials tire and a Tubliss on the rear and it performed flawlessly. Ran about 9psi and it still has 9 in it today. I was worried about the trials tire since the whole race was in super deep and rutted out mud pits. The tire had more grip than any knobbie I have ever used.
  6. ambdkf

    NCHSA season opener

    Vet C 35+ I finished 8th out of 14. The posted results said I was 7th, so I got in line (last) to get my trophy. After waiting in line for about 30-35 minutes, I get up to the table, tell them my number and they so no award for you. The results had been revised while I was in line and since there was only 14 riders, there was only 7 trophies. If I had know that, I could have left 1.5 hours early. As far as the race, I have never seen so many abandoned bikes just sitting there upright in the mud with the owners nowhere in sight. I was nervous about my tire choice before the race because I had just mounted a brand new trials tire on the rear after reading how much people loved them. After I mounted it, it rained like hell for several days. Several people at the race looked at me funny and asked if I was really going to run that tire with all of this mud. I said "yep". Best decision I made. That sucker just got traction like you would believe. Just pick your choice of 2 foot deep rut, put the bike in there and just give it some gas. I didn't get stuck once!
  7. ambdkf

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    I installed an 18" on the rear of my 450 EXC-R five days ago and it hasn't lost a single PSI yet. Installation was straight forward and it went on without a hitch. I will be riding in a hare scramble race tomorrow and look forward to running a relatively low PSI. Can't wait to try it out.
  8. ambdkf

    NCHSA season opener

    I am in. I will be riding an 08 KTM 450 EXC-R in the Vet C 35+. Look forward to it. David