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  1. MX51

    CRF250R Spark Plug Tube

    What up fellas, need a little help here from the experts. I hope somebody has come across my situation and were able to fix it. In the process from getting the head rebuilt and taking it to my mechanic to install. The spark plug tube got a little bent at the bottom of it and oil is leaking through there out the right side hole on the head. I was thinking maybe putting some silicone or epoxy could fix the issue, but I would like to know what my chances are before I do it. I really don't want to have to get a new head since I basically have a brand new head with a messed up spark plug tube. I called honda but they can only advise to replace the part. I don't think they sell that tube by itself so I have a big dilemma on my hands now. To do or not to do??? Here are some pics: Thanks in advance, and any opinions are welcomed!!
  2. Hi guys, I looked around for a post on this but didn't find one. Anyone tried painting their leatt neck brace? It doesn't look too hard, taking it all apart and putting it all together. I just want to know what the best paint to use is and that HONDA RED color on it. Just looks sweet and don't think it will cost too much. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  3. MX51

    WC Skid Plate

    Yeah, I thought it was going to be a little hard to put on. I just thought there was an easier way to put it on. I messed with it again and kinda got it on so I guess it's all good now. Thanx for ur input...
  4. MX51

    WC Skid Plate

    Well I have an 05 Honda CRF250 and just got a Works Connection skid plate for it. Thing it I couldn't figure out how to install that damn thing! Anybody having these problems too? and also is the foam really recommended to be put there?
  5. MX51


    how are you guys so sure that 360 version is so much better than ps3? I'm just debating on whether I should get the ps3 or 360. I was going a little more for the ps3 because of the blu-ray player, wireless online playing, 80GB, not many flaws as xbox with their RROD. Also free online playing... just some of the ideas I got and maybe will get the ps3. Yall got any opinions?
  6. MX51

    Throttle on 05 CRF

    hey man thanx alot for the advise, I will def. try that tomorrow. I heard that this is always a problem with hondas so hopefully it will be easy to fix. Did you have to dissassemble the whole rear end of the bike?
  7. MX51

    Throttle on 05 CRF

    alright, thanx a lot man, I thought I had cleaned it pretty good when I took it all apart, but I guess I still need a little improvement on my cleaning lol... any other options? cause someone was saying that I might have to take the carb off and clean it all up.
  8. MX51

    Throttle on 05 CRF

    I need help in finding out what is the best way to fix a sticky throttle. I already took apart all of the throttle and clean out the cables(which are pretty new). The throttle still is getting stuck when I pull it a bit before getting to 1/4 of throttle. I can feel the sand in the cable, but still don't know what is the best way to clean it out. I heard this is a big problem with hondas, anyone had problems like this before?thanx in advance... Red Rider Bano
  9. Hi all, been a while since I posted in here but I need help. Why is it that my bike jumps all over the place when i am going on straight aways probably like 4th gear half throttle or 3rd pinned. Is it that the suspension or tire need adjustment or is it just that I am too tired to hang on to the bike and keep it still. There are a few breaking bumps in the straightaway, but it just feels nasty when your bars are just going all over the place. What can I do to fix this? Also, how do you practice the standing up position to get better at it? Do you hold on to the bike with your legs most of the time? I am really in a level where I am about to step up and need to know how to do things right, because I get arm pump baaaad. I can go like 3 hard laps and then my arms will just be wasted. What can I do bout this? My lower back also hurts sometimes after I finish riding, is this because I am riding in an incorrect position? thanx for the help in advance... take it ez guys
  10. MX51


    How do you guys do this? Is it really expensive? that just makes the bike look way better. I wouldn't mind spendin a few bux on that.
  11. MX51

    Leatt Neck Brace

    WoW we are getting all kinds of info, I will give them a call and talk to that person that treats clients the right way...Just wanted to ask if anybody knows if this brace will work with the thor force chest protector, or should i get the thor sentinel chest protector? the sentinel seems to be about the same desing as the TLD that is supposed to fit perfectly on the brace... thanx for the replies, keep em comin. Helping each other out my fellow ridaz.
  12. MX51

    Leatt Neck Brace

    MAAAN!!! what a frustration. Just to think about waitin 6 damn weeks to get that protection. I wish EVS or Asterisk would be announcing one of these damn braces so I can be confident in buying one without any hessitation. I think I iwll get the Leatt, but I am pretty certain that 2 months aren't gonna go by, when a new one is already going to be out in the market...
  13. MX51

    Leatt Neck Brace

    So the $395 will give u the same protection as the other ones, the only thing is that it is a little heavier? Cause I don't mind buying the mid priced one, but if the club will do the job then ill be good with that one. I think after u get used to it, u wont even notice the weight of that thing. So it will just prevent u from neck and say collarbone injuries? pretty much? yeah back injuries too, but not total 100%? thanx for the replies guys, I think I will go on in buying one. I rather walk and be able to ride my entire life, than regret on not buying this thing (it actually looks kinda cool too)
  14. What's up, well I have been looking into buying this product for a few weeks now. The only thing is that I don't know where to get it and if it really protects you 100% from all neck and back injuries. Please let me know where I can get some reviews from users, or if anyone here already has the product let me know if it really does the job. Also between the club and the sport, which one is better for the money? because the only difference I see is that the sport has carbon fiber on bottom, other than that everything else is pretty much the same. thanx in advance:ride:
  15. MX51

    Phoenix Torrent

    man i hope thers is a torrent for the lites series as well, those guys are gonna be battling pretty good. Let's just hope for villo not to get the holeshot, cuz then it will just be the same as the supercross class with bubba. Thanx GMP you rock buddy!!! Bano