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  1. Holy hell its been a long time since I logged on here. I'm taking my boys to Kellys this wknd, camping fri-sun. I have a lot of cobwebs to knock off the ktms.
  2. Good lookin bike, Kenzo. I'm jonesing for a ride, have not been out since the 1st week of janurary.
  3. I usually haul gas cans in milk crates, so I cut up some plywood to make stands when I get to the trails.
  4. Anyone ridin sunday? Ill be at Stubblefield at 0900
  5. Ill be riding out of Stubblefield tommorow (sunday) Red F-150 / KTM's
  6. This is an old pic, there is now a fence along the back of the lot.
  7. Im looking for a 5th wheel or bumper pull with the main door on the left (driver) side. I have a lot in Galveston, Tx. and the spot I have to park it forces me to park tounge in. I was unable to remove my Alfa 5th wheel for IKE and dont want to box in my next trailer. 5th wheel or bumper pull, 35' or better with at least 1 slide. I would like to buy used (10 yrs old or so) as this trailer would not be pulled except for hurricanes. Pic of where it sits,I would really like to leave it here and not move it to where the boat is now, does what I'm looking for exist?
  8. 00 200exc & 07 300xc
  9. Nice! I had some music playing in the background and it kinda synced up.
  10. 07 300xc 00 200exc
  11. My 2000 exc plus my 07 300xc
  12. More gas for you, thanks for taking the time!
  13. I use that same wheelchauk, and it WILL taco on you. weld in some downtubes pronto or you will find your DRZ on your bumper (or worse) like I did. Before it folded weld in some plumbing pipe like this Nice DRZ, I miss mine.