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  1. gstanfield

    Suzuki Good all purpose tires for LTZ??

    I'm needing a good set of all purpose tires for my LTZ400. I know that as with dual sport tires there is no such thing as a tire good for everything, but what will get me close?? Here are my needs (don't laugh, one day I will have two sets of wheels) I ride on the street (legal here) so need long life I live only a mile away from some sand dunes and sandy trails I live only a mile or so away from rocky terrain My back yard track is medium/soft dirt that gets muddy when it rains I also ride in the snow So basically, I need a long wearing tire that will still grip decent in the soft stuff. I don't race, but do trail ride so taller is going to be generally better with the exception of the sand seeing as the engine is stock. Any suggestions for a good all around tire that will at least perform decent while still lasting a long time?? thanks, George
  2. gstanfield

    engine differences over the years??

    SO, the stock carb is the same as on the DRZ400S?? I traded my 400S for the LTZ so I'm pretty familiar with the engine, just wondered if they were closer to the DRZ400E or the DRZ400S Thanks for the answers, George
  3. OK, I have been browsing a little since trading for the 2003 LTZ400 and it seems there are two different "generations" of engine. The ignition boxs list one for 03-04 and another for 05-07 So what is the diff?? are there other things different besides ignition? Do they both run the same carb? Same compression? I figured it was the same engine the entire time, but apparently at least the ignition is not the same, so what else? Thanks, George
  4. Cool, thanks for the info guys. Does anyone know if the LTZ has the same automatic cam chain tensioner issues as the DRZ?? I'm assuming it does, but don't want to order a MCCT unless I really need it. Thanks, George
  5. I'm in pretty much the same boat, except I have a guy at work who wants a dual sport and so we are talking about trading my DRZ400S for his LTZ400. The thing that makes me leary is it is a 2003 model and now you mention frame weakness. Where in particular is the frame weaker?? Is it something that can be reinforced (I'm a very competent MIG and TIG welder) or is it just a bad design?? Also, can the shocks on the 2003 model be upgraded?? I'm 215lbs, but ride pretty easy. I'll not be jumping (well, not more than a couple of feet) and mostly just ride it dirt roads and trail with a little bit of around town (we can license them here) So, should I run away from this 2003 or just go ahead and enjoy it seeing as how I'm not going to be abusing it?? I know for a fact that it has barely been used and has about 90% tread left on the stock tires. George
  6. gstanfield

    My Truck Will Not Start

    Then head right on over to www.competitiondiesel.com and sign up. Lotys of good knowledge there and pretty nice folks. George
  7. gstanfield

    drz400e Diet plans?

    How much do you weigh? You may be able to shave 15lbs off yourself easier than the bike Other than that I really don'ty know as most of my mods have actually added weight to the bike. (case savers, rad gaurds, etc) George
  8. gstanfield

    Tires, Tires, Tires...

    I'll check out rcky mtn. I've been buying from chaparral, and they charge $9 a tire, but no "other" shipping charges. I normall go through about 2-3 sets of dirt tires and 1-2 sets of street tires a year between all my bikes. It's not as much as some, but it does add up. thanks, George
  9. gstanfield

    Suzuki HMF slip-on for Eiger?

    Anyone here put an aftermarket pipe on a 4wd machine such as the eiger? The stock unit looks terribly heavy and restrictive. George
  10. gstanfield

    Tires, Tires, Tires...

    So who do you buy from that ships tires for free? I've only found places that charge extra per tire. They have free shipping on orders over $100, except for tires. I need to find a new place as I go through a lot of tires. George
  11. gstanfield

    For everyone wondering about gearing!!! (repost)

    SWEET!!! Good job Guy. George
  12. gstanfield

    3x3 mod

    If the airbox lid has been removed then I think it doesn't really apply George
  13. gstanfield

    '03 z400 won't run unless on choke

    Did you get it sorted out yet? George
  14. gstanfield

    '03 z400 won't run unless on choke

    pilot jet is clogged, had it happen many times before. You need to drop the carb bowl, pull out the jet and clean it out. Then go buy a good fuel filter and have a great day. George
  15. gstanfield

    KLR650 carb conversion

    Never heard of such a mod, who's doing it and why? George