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  1. Yeah but my dad wants to race another season of i only just started racing and i have a ttr 125l
  2. I think those bikes are just modded orions
  3. Um no they are way to small
  4. k i will get pictures tomorrow!
  5. yeah if it does then those are not real marzochhi forks for that price, It is a 50 knock of, of a crf. I wouldnt get into Demon if they are a new company, they're product could be very unstable considering its a new production line of bikes.
  6. cycle tires i bet
  7. how are the thor helmetS>?
  8. i love my x4 if you saw it, it would blow you away and make an easy decision for you to chose the x4!
  9. God my x4r is so SICK i wish i could get pics, it would blow you away! What do i have to do to get it on here?
  10. i live in colorado, and love my x4r!
  11. how do you post pics
  12. I just got back from the mini track yesturday and i absolutly love my x4, more fun than big bikes, i could easilly clear doubles and such with it!
  13. Stay Away
  14. UM None of those bikes would be as good as a Pitster x4r or x4, any Pitster would be all over those bikes
  15. and heres one of J-Law that i like thanks, omq, did you get ps for free or did you pay all that money for it, cause i would like to have it, i took a ps class this year in Highshcool and really liked it, i made a sick ps job of js