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  1. twowheelflyer

    07 450x jetting

    Try a 55 leak,clip the pink wire or better just disconnect it.168 main or 170 richer for sure.Check to see if there is slop in the accelerator pump screw.
  2. twowheelflyer

    crf 450 cheap upgrades?

    I know for a fact that the 06 crf 450 is valved way stiff.Tom Morgan told me suspension is the limiting factor in how fast you will go.Makes sense?A hot cam will make the power band way broader.After I put the hot cam in my bike I don't need u-4.
  3. twowheelflyer

    hmmm wich pipe?

    Save your self a ton of money and buy a hot cam.My 450 with a hot cam is way more bike than I need.Lots more bottom and mid.
  4. twowheelflyer

    how long does break in take?

    Your Crf250 Should have no problem breaking in with synthetic oil.I have had no problems with my 450 and I break it in with Motul 300v.
  5. My new Hondas needed spoke tightening after every moto weekend for 2 mos.The unsung heros on your bike the spokes.
  6. twowheelflyer

    Chad Reeds injury was WAY!! OVERRATED!!

    Reed got a lidocaine shot or something like that to take the pain away completely
  7. twowheelflyer

    Chad Reeds injury was WAY!! OVERRATED!!

    Have you ever separated a shoulder? I have, 3rd degree.It really really hurts.You don't ride for a month unless you numb it out,like the football players do.And thats what Chad had done,"a shot" I think he called it.
  8. twowheelflyer

    Hard Starting CRF 450

    I just came back from an injury.And I was having valve problems. :crazy:I have checked clearences
  9. twowheelflyer

    Hard Starting CRF 450

    My 03 Crf 450 acts like it wants to start.A fresh leg(i.e.friend)will usually get the job done,Or a quick push.Once it's warm no problem.Other 450s start so much easier.IT DOES have fresh Kibbles,fuel screw at 1-1/2 to 2.Any ideas?Carb rebuild? Bad stator? Thanks
  10. twowheelflyer

    Help, two 93 CR250 problems

    The only way to be positive that the Power valve shaft fork is on the pin;Just before you drop the cylinder on the cases(1/8-1/4" gap)undo the arm clamp screw,pull the cotter pin and let the fork drop on the pin.Bolt the barrel on and re-assemble the power valve mechanism.It takes a little more time but the peace of mind is worth it.
  11. twowheelflyer

    Missing Carb. Parts

    Has anybody heard of the fuel screw o-ring and washer disapearing out of thier bike?The carb. on my 03 crf 450 started to leak out the over-flow.No problem,pull the carb.clean the needle and seat.When I went to look for the o-ring and washer out of the fuel screw-nothing just a spring.Would U-4 disolve these pieces?Where they stolen?Any ideas?
  12. twowheelflyer

    question about wheelies/ shifting

    Shifting a motorcycle is perfectly o.k. with out the clutch,Ido it all the time ,its not like a car.Indy cars have the same type of gear box and they don't use the clutch,it takes too much time.Ever hear of a shift button on a road race bike?Shift with the front wheel in the air without the clutch,get longer wheelies
  13. twowheelflyer

    Motorcycle Oil versus Cage (auto) Oil

    Run the best oil you can afford.It's cheap insurance.In a pinch you can stretch the change intervals.Modern thumpers don't use much.I use Motul 300V.
  14. twowheelflyer

    UNI airfilter

    My Crf450 filter fit large but livable
  15. twowheelflyer

    CRF450R for trail and desert!!

    The new Hondas are better but,I went to Kibble White valves for better durability