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  1. DarrellM5

    tire weights?

    I'm getting ready to balance mine with the stick on weights. I tried the spoke weights from Harley, but the KTM spokes aren't nearly as big and the first weight I tried to crimp on snapped. I haven't ruled out adding another rim lock but I think I'll try the trick mentioned above with the stick on weights under the rim strip.
  2. DarrellM5

    UPS sucks, now im in a bind.

    They're not phonetically pronounced "oops" for nothing.
  3. DarrellM5

    TTR 125 Questions

    If you're going to ride aggressively, especially taking jumps, you need to put a frame cradle on the bike. Currently your bike is using the engine as an integral part of the frame. It is fairly common to break the engine case at the bolt mount location. The cradle will eliminate this possibility. BBR sells one, here is their link: http://bbrmotorsports.com/Home/Home.aspx You'll definitely want to do the airbox, jetting, exhaust mod in the following link: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=170429
  4. DarrellM5

    08 530 concerns

    De-smogging the bike and jetting it properly seems to cure the hard starting problem. It did for me. I was running the battery dead from trying to start the bike. Now it fires within the 1st half second. I haven't had any problems with overheating but I don't stay in one place for long with the bike idling. I'm not sure about header wrap or the charging system. I'm in Round Mountain, NV and bought mine in Sparks. Definitely consider the extended warranty while you're there. Good luck.
  5. DarrellM5

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Where did the photos go? Also, the pdf link in the first post isn't working. I'm trying to do these mods today. Any help would be appreciated. Never mind. They magically reappeared.
  6. DarrellM5

    Getting an 08' 450 or 530 EXC-(?)

    Sounds like you'll be riding pretty much in the great wide open. I'd recommend the 530. That's what I have here in central Nevada and it's perfect. There are a lot of posts where people recommend the 450 over the 530 for tight single track, but for the terrain you described I think you'd be happier with the 530. There are also a lot of posts on the following recommended mods: 1. re-jet it 2. de-smog it 3. modify the exhaust baffle 4. replace the tail light / rear blinker assembly with a better one. I've performed all the above mods, and they make a HUGE difference. Other than making sure the suspension is set up correctly for you, that's about it. Either way, enjoy your new bike.
  7. DarrellM5

    street legal 2stroke dirtbike

    I thought that 2 stroke bikes were outlawed for street legal use in 1985. That was the reason that yamaha discontinued the very popular RD350 street bike.
  8. DarrellM5

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    I'm trying to order the jets from TT using the link on the 1st post. Every one of them says "minimum order of 4". I don't need 4 of each size. Any ideas?
  9. My bike was constantly running the battery down from trying to start or restart it. I had to push it home once and get a jumpstart once. It wouldn't even kickstart. Just after it had 3 hours on it, I checked the valves (all good) and installed the JD jet kit. I also removed the exhaust restriction and de-smogged it. It starts really easy now, usually within the 1st second of cranking, hot or cold. I can even kickstart it. Another added benefit is the huge increase in power. I also installed the Sicass racing rear fender and LED tail lights. They look great.
  10. DarrellM5

    Easy power gain by simple tailpipe mod

    I used a screwdriver to scrape the silicon away and then gave it a few "love taps" with a soft mallet. Came right out.
  11. DarrellM5

    Gas Prices!!!

    Yeah, 54 miles each way. It's not as bad as it seems though. We live in the middle of nowhere in Central Nevada. Absolutely no traffic to deal with. It takes her 45 minutes to get to work.
  12. DarrellM5

    Unshock feedback

    I've got one on order. I'll post a review in this thread once I've tried it. It did get some excellent comments in Dirt Bike magazine. They were using it on a KTM 530. I believe you can look up the article on their website. Here's the link to one on F2 racing. http://www.f2racing.net/product-p/unshock-atv%20front%20and%20rear.htm
  13. DarrellM5

    DR seats

    The Corbin seat might be pricey, but it is definitely "all day" comfortable.
  14. DarrellM5

    2008 KTM EXC-R 530 Front forks

    I was just looking at my wife's Harley and I noticed that they used weights that clipped onto the spokes. Looks pretty clean.
  15. DarrellM5

    Preventing theft on vacation...

    Insurance is your best bet. Either homeowners with replacement coverage, or a separate policy for your bikes. We had 2 mountain bikes ripped off in Phoenix (valued at $7500) and State Farm replaced them under our homeowners policy. Make sure you get replacement coverage though. If you don't, you'll only be reimbursed for the depreciated value of your bike(s).