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  1. yzfrone

    Supermoto Question Help!

    thanks for the great info guys so if my 2004 yz250f have 36 spokes front and rear, can i just get 36 spoke excel rims for front and back? would 3.5 F and 4.25 R work on the 250? thanks again!
  2. yzfrone

    Supermoto Question Help!

    the damn wheeeeels so confused... 32 spokes 34 spokes blah! well anywho i got a yz250f dirtbike that i want to convert to SM the question is it has TALON hubs for the dirt wheels... if i were to buy 17inch RIMs with spokes would that fit on the talon hubs that are on there now? where is there a good place for all this info and place to buy the junks! i know some of you have motards, help a brother out! how many spokes does a dirtbike hub (talon) have anywho...arggg had to join this forum for this question!