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    on any Sunday

    Sunday I am racing my pig in a tight 11 mile loop. The race is two hours long, I have not raced in 19 years. Bring it on baby
  2. CFAmD7G

    Carb Sticking

    Do you notice interference working the throttle with the engine off?
  3. CFAmD7G

    xr650r good deal?

    That spedo gizmo looks pretty cool Is it possible to hook up the nuetral indicatoe light to an XR650R?
  4. CFAmD7G

    Bad talk about the XR650R

    Who says the XR650R has not changed since inception? Why every year they come out with "BOLD NEW GRAPHICS"!!!!!
  5. CFAmD7G

    Advise needed for QS install on XR650R

    Would someone be so kind as to measure the throttle "carb travel" on an QS carb. On a stock pig its 20mm which equals 72 degrees rotation. Here is the procedure: as removed from www.motionpro.com Part Max Max Adjuster Replacement Number Throttle Twist ° Rate Travel Thread Adjuster Throttle Tube 01-0054 VORTEX 95° 1.90 50 8x1.25 01-0024 01-0082 01-0053 CR Pro 170° 2.93 58 10x1.25 01-0018 01-0087 01-0056 CR Comp 190° 2.35 81 10x1.25 01-0018 01-0088 01-0057 TURBO (Std.) 120° 2.30 52 8x1 Incl. 01-0089 TURBO (w/ Opt. Tube) 150° 2.00 75 8x1 Incl. 01-0072 01-0060 Magura 314 MX Setting 95° 1.90 50 None Magura 314 Enduro Setting 105° 2.10 50 01-0058 Push/Pull Black 165° 3.67 45 Cable 01-0052 01-0059 Push/Pull Chrome 165° 3.67 45 Cable 01-0052 01-0073 Straight Push/Pull 109° 3.00 36 Cable Cable 01-0090 Rate = Twist° / mm Travel Max travel is measured in millimeters (mm) FRACTIONAL TURN THROTTLES At Motion Pro, we never refer to our throttles by fractional names (1/4-turn, °-turn or other any other "turns"). How far a throttle fractionally turns is a function of the throttle's "rate" (how much cable inner wire the throttle's drum or cam reels in, versus how far in degrees the tube must be turned to reel it in) and the carb's/throttle body's travel (how much cable inner wire must be reeled in to fully open the carb(s) or throttle body(ies)). As an example, our fastest throttle, the Vortex, has a rate of 1.90 (the maximum number of degrees turned divided by the maximum travel in mm, 95°/50mm of wire travel). Since it has a maximum of 95° to turn, it will never be much more than a 1/4-turn throttle but in any application requiring less than 50mm of travel, it will be less than °-turn to fully open. If only 25mm of travel is required, it will be about a 1/8-turn throttle. The opposite of the Vortex is our CR Pro; our slowest single-pull throttle. It has a rate of 2.93, the result of a maximum of 170° turn and 58mm of travel. The rule of rates is simple; the smaller the value of the rate, the faster the throttle will open the carb. Since we do not know the travel of your carb(s) or throttle body(ies), we will not quote a fractional turn. With careful measurement you can determine the approximate fractional turn required by a given carb and throttle by removing your existing throttle from your existing cable. Carefully measure the exposed inner wire (in millimeters) between the last fitting on the housing (the cap, elbow fitting, or threaded adjuster) and the wire end fitting (usually a ball or barrel). Do not include the wire end fitting in the measurement, only the exposed wire. Write down the measurement, it is your present "throttle free length." Now pull the inner wire until the carb is fully open against the stop and repeat the measurement. Subtract the throttle free length from the measurement you have just taken; this figure is the carb's "travel." Refer to the "rate" of the throttle you are considering. Multiply your carb's "travel" by the "rate" of the throttle. The result is the approximate number of degrees the throttle will turn to fully open the carb(s).
  6. CFAmD7G

    1/2 corked?

    I think what Mindblower is getting at is that he loves the power the uncorked pig produces. He would just like to have more control over when and how it becomes available. I know what he means, your ploding your way up a ditch with melon sized rocks all around, you in second gear because 1st lurches to much, you miss your line, hit a melon and get thrown back. As you attempt to regain stability from the unexpected attitude you inadvertently grab extra throttle and compound the error. If this is what your talking about, let me know, as I have addressed this issue myself.
  7. CFAmD7G

    I am Done!--No MORE

    If you can find one!
  8. CFAmD7G

    frustrated xr650r owner

    got that kitty purring yet?
  9. CFAmD7G

    Bleeding the front brake??

    Still no progress? Pry open you pads and use the horse thingy. Constantly adding fluid to the master cyl is like hitting your hand with a hammer because it feels so good when it stops hurting.
  10. CFAmD7G

    Oh well, recovering the pig was fun!

    If you had a rope perhaps you bud could have doubled your extraction power. Glad you made it out eventually.
  11. When you absolutely positively cannot ever have a cooling related failure, (like in the vast expanse of a lonely desert) insure against non crash related failure prior to the trip by performing a meticulous inspection and replace questionable components. In addition to the items previously listed, I might include a product called Bars Stop Leak. It is an aluminum powder with adhesives and binding agents to seal a radiator leak from the inside out. The binding agents expand under the heat and the system pressure forces it into otherwise unwanted openings to atmosphere. Using the product is not without it’s risk however, used in excess it can clog you entire system. Wrapping you header pipe with insulation woks to direct generated heat out the tailpipe, (cheap insurance), but probably the best insurance against non crash related overheating is making sure your properly jetted for you environment. Finally I would also install a fan to you system as outlined a few other places on this forum. While you will probably have ample air flow underway, you never know when you might have to use the engine stationary (troubleshooting electrical gremlins perhaps). Safe journeys, and have a cool trip! (ADVrider reprint)
  12. CFAmD7G

    I-Cat xr650r

    Can you explain the principal behind their enhanced efficiency?
  13. CFAmD7G

    frustrated xr650r owner

    You failed to mention if you inherited this machine with this condition. Did you have satifactory performace prior to this condition?
  14. PROBLEM: My XR650R ran fine but it would sometimes fail to return to idle when I came to a stop. I’d have to blip the throttle three or four times to get it to settle down. After first determining there was no friction or interference in the throttle cable and linkage, I suspected I had a lean condition caused by either a loose manifold boot or something afoul in the pilot circuit. SOLUTION: Your probably familiar with the sage advice of changing one thing at a time when your jetting a carb. Well I did not follow that advice, I fixed my problem, but I don’t know what to attribute the cure to. 1st I disabled the AJCV (Air Jet Cut Off Valve) by placing a tab of electrical tape on top of the 1/8” o-ring prior to reassembly. I read else ware someone advising cutting the plunger off the back side of the diaphragm, that to would disable the “deceleration softening circuit” but would be otherwise irreversible, so I went the PVC tape route. 2nd I reamed the 65s pilot jet with a paper clip (too big), then with a B string from my guitar (too small) then I found that a bread twist tie with the paper striped off made a perfect ream. Buttoned up the beast took her for a spin. Not once did the idle hang, she just settles down to a loping thump. Tomorrow I’ll pull the tape and see what effect it has. BTW what is the consensus for removing the spring loaded backfire flap from the choke plate? I wouldn’t want that plate and spring sucked into my topend, but I would like to retain full choke.
  15. I received My Rekluse clutch yesterday, left hand brake on the way There were no clutch cover gaskets in the kit, and the kit was missing a necessary spring, kind of disapointed, but they were very responsive to their error. I asked him (Don) to include a set of heavy weight balls with the missing parts and he was happy to do so. Anybody else run the balls that are twice as heavy as the SS ones that come with the kit?