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  1. When my clutch is cold I can feel it start to shutter a little bit. On the clutch center I can see where the disc was in contact with it but I am not able to feel any ware. On the clutch outer I can feel the ware a little, would this little bit cause it to shutter like it is? The discs are within specs right about .118 in. +/- .003 in. Is it possible to mix and match parts for the clutch, such as Hinson outer with stock center? Or new factory outer with my existing center? Is the Hinson clutch really worth the 1K price tag vs. the $400 for stock? It’s just hard for me to justify the cost when just the clutch is 1/3 to ¼ the value of the bike! What other brands have you used and how have they held up vs. their price tag? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks Eddie, I'll give it a try. Just so you know, the popping is bad, about 1 pop every second till I pull in the clutch
  3. Hey guys, I've looked a bunch and cant find the specifics on what causes a bike to pop on decel while its in gear. A friend has this bike that has this problem and I thought it was from running lean but it doesnt seem to be lean. Here are the details of whats in it: main = 170 Pilot = 48 needle = 3rd clip note sure of the part number for the needle. fuel screw 3/4 of a turn out 70 degrees now range from 45 - 100 degrees removed AIS and air restrictor, not sure what you call it, air snorkel or something FMF power core 4 silencer I think stock header plug looked ok, other than it was really wet when we pulled it. Elevation = 4500ft is where we are working on it. 10,000ft is the highest we will go with it. Any help would be great.
  4. I havent noticed a problem with the chain yet and I've been running 12/53 for a couple years. This will kill your top speed and make your close ratio even tighter, but will make your first gear close to the same as the X. I do a lot of riding in Moab Utah and even with a throttle cam I still have times where a lower first gear would come in handy. But there are also times where I wish i had stock for the top speed. When I get a chance to split the case I'll add some Baja Design gears to help with the top speed.
  5. I have almost the same problem and Eddie told me that I have a clogged pilot jet. I'm not sure how this would affect your hard starting when its hot though. Good luck.
  6. Wow, Russia. Thats cool!
  7. Thanks Eddie, you're the man! I'll clean it out tonight and give it a try.
  8. I have a 1996 Honda XR 250L that hasn’t been used for a couple of years. It had a problem with popping on decel so I adjusted the fuel screw to open it up a little. However I still have the problem it needing full choke until its really warm and then cutting out when I start to give it some throttle. I was thinking it has something plugged in the carburetor but wanted to see what people thought on here.
  9. I like mine, especial when it comes to the technical sections in Moab!
  10. so what you going to do with your old engine?
  11. I put a heavier fly wheel on mine along with a throtle cam that helps take the bite off in the real nasty stuff. I've loved it.
  12. i only ride trails and found i was having the same problem on my 06, did the same thing as biker t no more problems.
  13. Is there any difference between the Rotella and Dello? I run Dello in my diesel which would make it easy to put in my bike. Thanks
  14. this oil is made for trannys only, not for the engine. I use it in both my 2 smoke and the 450.
  15. I currently have an R but just sold an X earlier today. last year I chose an R because i didnt want the weight, I didnt know the engines were so different, Their is a drastic difference between the two. Yes you can make the X close to the R, but this is what i found out. Earlier this spring after some very technical rides close to dark, i decided an X would better suite me with a lower first gear, and a light. I found an all but new 2006 450X that was so clean i couldnt pass it up. My brother and i took the R and X for a ride, the R was more nimble, easy to ride in the nasty stuff, and all around more comfortable to ride. But i do need to mention that my bike isnt stock, 12 tooth front sprocket and a 52 rear make first gear about the same as the X, a FMF Q pipe, G2 throttle cam, 13oz fly wheel, and other stuff to make it more woods worthy, and soon a BD wide ratio tranny. The R felt night and day better then the X, enough so that i sold the X and kept my R. I'm 5'10" 190.