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  1. yamyfz450

    What oil to use

    I use amsoil 10-40. but i am gettin it rebuilt because the previous owner put a crank bearing in backwards and it blew a week ago. but my macanic highly recomends it says he uses it in his yam 426 and never had a problem..
  2. yamyfz450

    clinging noise

    found out the problem the crank shaft bearings went out and the gears where rubbing on the side of the engine case. its gonna coat bout 600 bucks with a new piston rings, and bearings.
  3. yamyfz450

    clinging noise

    it sounds like it is coming from the front or left side of the motor. it makes the noise when it is idling. i shut it off as soon as i herd it so it doesn't mess it up even more. I read up on the tensions should i put a manual one in?
  4. yamyfz450

    Yamaha clinging noise

    I just bout a used 04 Yfz 450. I took it to a local shop to have them check it out the replaced the cam chain. Got it back oil plug come out wile i was riding so i shut it off. it still had some oil in it took it to the shop the gave me a new plug and oil for free. went back to riding it no it has a loud clinging noise coming from the motor. Any suggestions?