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  1. I'll follow it closely when you do start. If it makes you feel better, I've still not replaced that leaky crankcase gasket. the bike sits indoors but untouched. At this rate, it will be ready when my son is old enough to ride it. Btw, he is not born or conceived as of yet. I did manage to do a full structural rebuild of my speedboat and I'm building a small block v8 for my nova. The 610 will get some love soon though. If anyone knows how i might be able to download and save this thread in its entirety, please let me know.
  2. Kba, I'll look over those pictures. I'm loading them now (slow connection). Looks like a nice scoot from the half of the pic that's loaded! Thanks for the support, Rot Box. Hopefully I will get around to fixing my scoot soon. I've been busy building from scratch a chevy small block for my car. That has taken not much time but a decent amount of my recreational money. My cruiser has not taken any of my funds though. It is a well behaved machine and will remain so as long as I keep clean oil in it. The upping of this thread might motivate me to buy the necessary parts to put my 610 right again
  3. I'm going to be servicing my engine over the winter. When I get around to it, I'll add more pictures. How are the other single-cam 610 guys doing these days?
  4. Agitator

    TE-610E valve lifter explosion

    If you look in my 610 rebuild thread, i have a picture of the camshaft assembly completely disassembled. To the best of my knowledge, you can order any single part you need. You should be able to get the spring and auto decompression counterweight unit as individual parts.
  5. Agitator

    610 Autodecompression Delete

    I know of people who have filed the profile off the mechanism so it is ineffectual but still balances the cam correctly. I think that doing anything other than repairing it correctly is a bad idea. I would highly recommend keeping it in the stock configuration but that's just my .02
  6. Nice job on that scoot. I tend to loathe stock cans. They're just so corked up- I think some of that hatred is just psychological on my part but nonetheless, I am convinced that you have improved the performance of the machine noticeably. Just the way the stock cans sound... irritates me. I bet these sound great. It'd be cool if you could make a little video of how they sound now. Thanks for the pics ~Tator
  7. Agitator

    TE 610 going down the garden!

    I hope you have good luck with the new stator. That's a great bike- you'll love it more as you ride it more. At least that's the way it worked for me.
  8. Thanks GodHunter! Here are some pics from the ride Friday: Dirthauler's bike The Tator fell on a decent size rock. It broke my fall... Good times~ 130 miles
  9. Agitator

    TE 610 going down the garden!

    How did you get the flywheel off? Did you use a gear puller or the specific hub style puller intended for the machine? Just curious
  10. Agitator

    TE 610 going down the garden!

    with the sputtering and then hard compression, perhaps the carburetor float is stuck so that gas is getting into the cylinder and, essentially, hydro locking the motor. That sure would explain it. Re adhering the magnets is risky business from what I've been told. I think it's pretty tricky because not every magnet is alike. If they're not "phased" just right, the engine will run poorly if at all. I think it cost me $100 ish US $ to get the repair done professionally. Food for thought. If it's not a problem with the decompression mechanism, there must be fluid entering the cylinder or valves interfering or something wrong with the kickstart mechanism itself- btw, if you remove the kickstart cover, do NOT remove the kick start lever or shift lever. Simply unbolt the whole cover and the levers will stay with the cover...
  11. well- i just came back from a 120 mile ride on the 610. I've really got it dialed in. Hot starts- even after a fall... only took one kick. cold starts are 1-2 kicks. It's got 35 hours on the new engine now. The ride was total hell... for anyone in the vicinity of my rear tire!! Unfortunately I will be taking the motor down over the winter and replacing the gaskets. I'll also measure all wear parts to make sure they're within spec, etc... Reason being: I lost my crankcase gasket. I torqued the case bolts to spec, then retorqued after break-in and loctited them. Yet still, they became loose enough for the crankcase gasket to slip down and out of position, causing a nasty oil leak. I never ran out of oil so all is well but the leak is major and must be addressed immediately. I'd like to document the teardown process with photos... just for kicks. Geez- this motor is really becoming a good runner... and so powerful now that it is somewhat broken in (with George's method)
  12. Agitator

    Broken case saver - any tips around?

    George @ Up Tite warned me not to use a case saver for this very reason. Some time after my conversation with him, I threw a chain on my YZ 250 and the bike did not have the case saver in place. No case damage occurred. George has a lot of good advice
  13. A spare engine? That's a sweet dream to have! the things I would give to have a spare... wow. I do know of a manual but it's a little patchy. Most of the important stuff is the same but it is in many languages. One of those languages is english. It has been a helpful manual to me. If you pm me your email, I'll send you the info if you like. Life has been busy so I haven't been able to make any video of riding my 610 but hopefully soon. Thanks ~Tator
  14. Agitator

    KTM LC 4 engine in a husky frame?

    There hasn't been a single thread that I've seen where the consensus was in favor of the ktm motor. I've read a lot of threads about this crap and most everyone favors the husky 610 motor. I have never ridden an lc4 but I've ridden many thumpers and I can say that I love my 610 very much.