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  1. Thanks for the help. I'll try Wal-Mart first.
  2. Hey all. I was wrenching on my bike to get it ready for a race this weekend and I noticed a tiny (1/16th) slit in my radiator hose, from the radiator to the water pump. Does anyone have a quick fix to this? There are no motorcycle shops even close to me to get a new one in such a short notice. Thanks for any help.
  3. 88c

    National Hare and Hound;2-11-07

    Actually, the webmaster is a Checker.
  4. 88c

    Blown Motor

    This weekend my motor took a dive. I was hauling azz and all of a sudden the bike started to lose power and soon died. When I got off my bike to inspect it there was oil all over. I figure that there is a blown head gasket but is there anything else that I should look at?
  5. 88c

    Loosening up

    Try holding on more with your legs and knees. It has helped me tremendously. Holding with my legs also allows me to feel the bike moving beneath me better. "Becoming one with the bike" as GS has preached. One other thing that I have done in the past is put a piece of masking tape on the bar pad with the word "RELAX" writen boldly on it so I could take a peak at it during the race or practice. I know it sounds corney but hey, it worked for me.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm taking the carb off and going to go through it with a fine tooth comb. It must be a piece of dirt in the jet.
  7. Uhhhhhhhhh. My carb doesn't list a Pilot jet. There's of course the main, a leak jet and a slow jet. Which one of these would be the pilot jet?
  8. The idle seems to be set fine. I haven't adjusted it for quite some time. It idles the same under choke as it always had just dies when I turn the choke off. I'll check the pilot and see what's up. Thanks klxd.
  9. I hope someone can help me out with this. My 05 CRF250x starts up just fine with the choke on but as soon as I turn the choke off the bike dies. I have tried riding it with the choke on then switching it off and the bike runs fine as long as I have the throttle on, but as soon as I let off of the throttle the engine wants to die. Anyone have any idea what the problem can be? What are the ramifications if I ride with the choke on and turn the idle down? Any help would be greatly appreciated.